While porting my Oracle code to PostgreSQL I encountered a little quirk. It’s probably not a quirk except for the fact that I’ve worked in Oracle so long. Oracle implicitly type

I’m working on items for migrating my database class from Oracle to PostgreSQL. I ran into an interesting limitation when I tried using the COPY command to read an external CSV

Product data is a core of e-commerce and integral part of the customer experience and customer journey. The well-organized product data drives customer acquisition, sales and eventually results in the increasing

Every modern Commerce site has product recommendations. They’re usually listed as “You might also like”. And if the product you were thinking of buying wasn’t quite right, then these additional recommendations

Source: SAP

Presented at SAP TechEd

Below are my rough notes

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies, things in the future are subject to change.


The takeover with handshake ensures that all the sent redo log is written to disk on the secondary system before takeover can be performed.

During a planned takeover, it is important

SAP + Esri have come together to offer the SAP + Esri quick-start experience. This is a guided experience that comes with everything you need to explore Esri ArcGIS Enterprise with

Amazon Web Services Inc’.s has the latest addition of bare-metal servers to its ever-growing cloud. These servers aim enterprises running SAP SE applications.

All the machines will join the EC2 High

Para customizar o template de um Data Definition no eclipse, precisamos ir no menu window e preferences.

Na janela de preferencias vamos navegar “ABAP Development, Editors, Source Code Editors e Data

Fiori is no more the new kid in the town. Most ABAP developers and front end developers are comfortable with Fiori. They know how to implement and activate

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