Dear community, my last blog was about how to add more semantics to a SELECT-statement. The solution presented at that time could still be improved. As a reminder,

If you have read a couple of my previous blogs you will be able to follow my journey configuring the Fiori Launchapd on XSA. This most recent post presents what I


With S/4HANA 1909, accrual engine has introduced “Review and Approve accruals” transactions.

There are additional transactions introduced are as follows:

  1. ACEPROPOSALRUN – Propose Periodic Amounts
  2. FACRATIVL – Edit Time Intervals for Accruals

Today we will learn about the fundamentals of Graph data structure and how with the latest SAP HANA Advanced, graph option we can solve network related problems.

What is a

I was following that new tutorials mission Use Clients to Query an SAP HANA Database published this week by Daniel Van Leeuwen and I finally installed hdbsql on my MacOS. I

The SAP HANA Cloud, data lake was released in early 2020.  However, the technology has been in use for quite some time.  If you are familiar with SAP IQ, then you

In this blog series you will find quotes, backgrounds, suggested further readings and other information related to my latest book SAP HANA 2.0, An Introduction published by SAP

Big businesses need methods to manage everyday tasks seamlessly and efficiently. Enterprise resource planning software has emerged as a way to do just that, handling vast amounts of data and integrating

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