Most of the blogs and vast amount of documentation existing in the SAP community focuses on prerequisites, steps to follow, recommendations and advices for a successful transition to S/4HANA.  

But what

BDC means Batch Data Communication, not Batch Data Conversion. Moreover, it was renamed Batch Input at least 20 years ago (the term BDC is still widely used though).

In this

ADT in Eclipse has been a boon for us developers. Everything is so easy to develop in perspectives of ease of accessing the development objects when you don’t have to type


Implementation design principles (IDPs) for SAP SuccessFactors solutions complement existing implementation handbooks by addressing real-life implementation challenges as well as frequently asked questions. They are best practices “verified” by product

Happy Lunar New Year (新年快樂) everyone!

It’s the Year of the Rat and for many, the start of a new year is a time for making resolutions and adjusting their


After upgrading the Service Pack of SAP S/4 HANA 1610 from Service Pack 03 to Service Pack 07, we faced an issue where we were unable to load data into

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, SAP Enterprise Support is inviting all SAP Enterprise Support customers to attend it’s 6th consecutive annual virtual event, this year boasting exclusive expert insights on

As a software developer, it is always good to step out of your area of expertise and learn a new language. This is especially good for ABAP developers, in order

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