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SAP BPM process stops

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happened in the process. I the logs I could see that actions was completed by the user and but in my process I did not have the mapped response in the process. Sometimes it was working while other processes were not. So it was a bit difficult to find.

I did learn that there was a BPM action monitor. You can find it from in NWA troubleshooting -> Processes and Tasks -> BPM Actions log.

Help on it https://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw73ehp1/helpdata/en/68/D525246C644B59BA19055B9BC2EC2F/frameset.htm

Actions is used when creating and responding from User tasks and also correlations of messages. They are use on clustered environments to make sure that workloads are distributed evenly among the servers. Normally the setting should make sure there was no queue.

We had a restart of the server that did not go super good so not all locks regarding the BPM framework galaxy.

So when we viewed the BPM Action screen we saw there was 24.000 locks waiting to be processed.

We tried one more restart and that did not remove the locks on the galaxy core. So I removed them form the Java Locks table.

Then in Java properties for the Galaxy Core service I found that if I changed the asyncactionqueue.execution.maxattempts and exec.pool.size with a little and save the changes the galaxy framework was started again.

Now the system is done processing all the tasks in the BPM Action log.

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