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Sunday, 06 January 2019 06:20

The Best SAP Article in 2018

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Dmitry Kaglik

January 7, 2019


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The year 2018 is now over. We celebrated and congratulated each other.

Let’s now see what it meant to SAP Expert.

There were 15 new articles published in 2018 altogether. Is it interesting to see which of them was the most interesting, which one was the best, which one attracted the most readers? Let me open that secret to you!

  1. Automatic period closing in SAP Finance
  2. What is actually new in New FEBAN?
  3. How to get a SAP job?

However, if we consider articles published in prior years, the list would be different:

  1. Understanding the bank statement process in SAP (published in 2016)
  2. Four methods to post a vendor invoice in SAP (published in 2013)
  3. 7 Steps for SAP Fixed Assets Migration (published in 2016)

Which of these articles to you like most?

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