Tuesday, 09 May 2017 22:56

Our Node-RED YaaS got a new member: orderstatus

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For the internet scenario I used Node-RED and our YaaS nodes.

At the first scenario we used different buttons, which are connected to an Arduino and add a products to a shopping cart. Then we created an order and the next step was to change the order status. An order could be canceled on the shop page, but e.g. to confirm an order, I  have to go into the YaaS builder and change the status for each order. With more than ten attendees this could be confusing. Therefore, I’ve added two new nodes to our Node-RED YaaS for the ‘orderstatus’.

The first node gets just the order id and returns the status for this order. The second node gets the order id and the new status as parameter to change the order status of an order to e.g. CONFIRMED, DECLINED, COMPLETED or SHIPPED.

In the last scenario PubSub listened on an order-status-changed event. Depending on the new status a red LED shows that the order is declined, a yellow LED that it is confirmed and a green LED that the order is completed or shipped.

Say welcome to ‘orderstatus’ and give it a try.

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