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Generation of SAP Business Partners from HR data

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Hello, dear friends. First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Vitalii and last 15 years have been working in SAP HR/HCM field in global companies with 50k+ employees. I’m a top SAP HR blogger in Russia at and have recently started my English version of blog at

Today I want toshare with you how to generate SAP Business Partners from Employeerecords. Finally we’ll have personnel number in SAP HR in PA20transaction and a business partner with Employee role in BPtransaction. SAP Business Partners are core entity in S/4 HANAsolution as it allows to look at the same person or company underdifferent angles. The same person could be our employee and vendorproviding office supplies in his spare time. If we work with staffingagencies we can have one business partner as an agency with multiplecontractors working through this business partner. And all of themwill be linked together with relations in SAP Business Partnersfunctionality. Good thing – it’s free of licensing. Setup and useit.

SAP Business Partners configuration in IMG

I assume we havea clean green-field installation (a development client was copiedright from 000), so many default things could be skipped.

By default wehave all switches set in ‘Activation Switch for Functions’. Alsodefault Employee role is predefined by SAP with code BUP003 (seeV_TB003).

Under ‘NumberRanges and Groupings’ it’s important to setup correct numberranges. I prefer to use internal number ranges.

BP and HR integration

Here we can setupHR Employees and Org units integration with SAP BPs. Go to ‘ActivateIntegration’ and make switches look like this.

BP number ranges

For testingpurpose let’s activate logging functionality in ‘ActivateLogging/Error Analysis for Data Synchronization’. I’ve set HRALXMSGRE switch to 2, so all processing errors will be sent to my SAPOffice mailbox in SBWP transaction.

Let’ssynchronize our current employees with BPs. Open SE38 and run programHRALXSYNC. Tick ‘Employees’ on the first screen.

BP Synchronization

All red iconsshow us the data differences. Click the right-most button in thetoolbar to sync the data. After it finished open transaction BP andsearch for the new business partners. Here what I have.

Employee Business Partner

SAP synchronizes several infotypes by default, like personal data (0002), address (0006), org assignment (0001). If we want to provide some more info or change the behavior, then BADis could help.

If we reran thesame program and choose ‘Organizational Units’ on the firstscreen it would have created org units as business partners andrelations between org units and employees.

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