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Thursday, 14 March 2019 10:54

Knock, knock, knock – who is talking….?

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Since early 2019, we are in full swing promoting SAP Customer Experience Labs as part of the SAP CX Innovation Office. Yes, this includes a lot of travel, preparation, motivation, and

an intact voice (which at least for me is not always the case). But on the other side it’s 10 times worth every conversation which results out of it.

Our aim is to share, communicate and contribute to different ways of thinking and with this we just need to go out, push back the shoulders and step in front of the audience, even though it’s sometimes not the easiest thing to do.

Denise and I traveled to Karlsruhe to represent the SAP CX Innovation Office at SAP UX Day 2019.

All day long, Denise was surrounded by colleagues, showing them the world of Design Thinking like an “CX evangelist”. It was kind of crazy to see how many already know her as a Design Thinking coach and wanted to get in touch with her again and plan the next big things.

I myself was invited to be on stage to show and tell everything about Signal in the Noise – Interacting with Big Data in Real Time. I actually thought this would have been the last time presenting Signal on stage, but the interest in this presentation was super high. I also felt so honored to see people lining up for over 30 minutes to chat after the presentation. They were curious to learn more about our team and how we innovate with emerging technologies.

Over 600 attendees – SAP colleagues, customers, partners, design communities, and students –  attended talks, workshops, info booths, and ZKM’s Open Code exhibition. The fifth SAP UX Day in Karlsruhe, Germany, was set up to explore what it means to humanize technology.

“Today’s event is all about people and how we interact with technology”, said Maricel Cabahug, SAP Chief Design Officer and internal sponsor of the event. In over 20 sessions, speakers from companies such as Pixar Animation Studios, Adobe Systems, InVision, University of Darmstadt, audity, and SAP discussed with SAP customers, partners, design agencies, students, and SAP employees what it means to leverage the newest technology to design a user experience that feels human in the age of artificial intelligence.

The atmosphere was amazing. We enjoyed the day, meeting colleagues and making new connections. We were so proud to be able to inspire and meet this group of people. After the talk and during the course of the day, so many attendees approached us and asked about ways to collaborate with us which is exactly what we want. Collaborating with UI + UX + Design + Design Thinking Teams within SAP, this is exactly what we were looking for.

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