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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 03:20

Book Review – ABAP to the Future

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There was a violent shake up at SAP community this month. SAP eliminated and dissolved the position of the Director of SAP Labs and Chief Product Expert. Both

stalwarts were working in HANA and both hinted they missed ABAP Development World and planning to get back to ABAP roots.

The timing of the release of the 3rd edition of this book “ABAP to the Future” could not have been better. With the LinkedIn post from Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung supporting SAP ABAP, the belief of vanilla ABAPer on ABAP is afloat. They see light on the other side of the tunnel. ABAP developers would want to reinforce their ABAP knowledge even better by acquiring additional skillsets related to ABAP. And, there can be no better option than Paul Hardy’s “ABAP to the Future”.

As Paul (Author of this book) says, “There are just so many advances happening in each area of SAP every single month that it’s always important to get a second opinion”. This book should be the bible for all ABAP developers who want to keep up with the innovation and pace in the SAP ABAP world.

The author has beautifully explained the importance of ABAP in Chapter 7, Database Programming with SAP HANA (Page 305): “Just to be clear about this—the introduction of SAP HANA and the end of ABAP are not one and the same thing. As you’ll read throughout this book, ABAP is alive and kicking and being enhanced all the time”.

Title : ABAP to the Future
Edition: 3rd Edition 2019, 867 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-4932-1762-5
Price : Starting at $69.99
Authors: Paul Hardy
Publisher: SAP PRESS & Rheinwerk

Paul Hardy is senior ABAP developer at Hanson and has worked on SAP rollouts at multiple companies all over the world. He started as an Accountant then moved to SAP Business Analyst and finally stopped for SAP ABAP. Any new technology or cutting edge in SAP ABAP and you would find an unconventional article from Paul in the SAP Community Network. His blogs are very unique and popular.

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Target Audience

SAPDevelopers (both backend ABAP and frontend UI5) would benefit the most fromthis book.

Target Audience – Experience Level

This book isa comprehensive guide for ABAP developers. But basic understanding of ABAPprogramming and some OOPs concept would help (although not necessary).

Table of Contents

Please check the table of content and free sample of the book here – ABAP for the Future

What is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of this book?

If you have not gone through previous editions of this book, you would be fascinated by the Wonderful World of Monsters. You will notice, all example code snippets have been spiced up and they still teach practical and applicable skill needed by ABAP Developers.

The book would keep you intrigued and you would yearn to learn more and cover each and every chapter. New Language Features in ABAP, Debugger Scripting, Database Programming with SAP HANA (ABAP SQL, CDS Views, AMDP, Locating and Pushing Down Code), BOPF, BRPplus, ALV SALV Reporting Framework, SAPUI5, ABAP Channels and The Restful ABAP Programming Model. Fewwwwhhh!! What else do the ABAP Developers need?

What is the good part?

Although the book does not say ABAP Programming for S/4HANA, but it covers most of the ABAP stuffs needed for future projects (read HANA).

What is different and what weliked?

Every chapter begins with detailed concept and helps the developer understand the What, Where and Why. Before the chapter ends, the author covers the How? In other words, every chapter has detailed code snippets which the developers can leverage in their SAP System and analyze them. It is not just bombarding the readers with concepts. There are real programs which we can write and debug and understand better.

In the chapter “New Language Features in ABAP” (Page 137) the author writes “This proves beyond a doubt that ABAP is not a dead language—which was a fear of many people in 2001, when there was talk (from the very top of SAP) about replacing ABAP with Java”. We liked the optimism, the author rendered with this book.

Even in 2019, there is fear that they are sabotaging to kill ABAP. But the new features and innovation in ABAP proves everyone wrong. ABAP is indeed the Future. ?

Our Take

The book justifies the title – “ABAP to the Future”. This book rightly introduces the readers and helps them dive deeper to all the topics mentioned in the Table of Contents. This book is a complete package for ABAP developers. A must for every ABAPer.

The author beautifully concludes “The scope and speed of change to the ABAP language is no doubt scary, and possibly seems rather academic at the moment, but it will affect you before you know it. So hang on to your hat and ride along with ABAP—to the future!”

This is our genuine effort to provide our honest review. This is just our third review and we are still learning the tricks of the trade. Please do leave your feedback and let us know if you want us to reveal more info in our future book reviews.

You can buy this book from here – ABAP to the Future

Please Note: We received a free pdf copy of this book from SAP PRESS. Thank you SAP PRESS!

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