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Hybris Commerce Roadmap: Outline from SAP Saphire’17

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MIT Sloan Management review, “Companies with 50% or more of their revenues from digital ecosystems achieve 32% higher revenue growth and 27% higher profit margins[than their industry averages]”  and Accenture’s “only 5% of organizations feel they have mastered digital to a point of differentiation from their competitors” (pdf). 

The companies of all sizes are affected by:

  • Customer Experience. If customers has a bad experience, they won’t come back.
  • Customer Insights. Enables a deeper understanding of the customer’s motivation and intent
  • Digital Transformation. The old rules no longer apply. Digital technologies have radically transformed the business landscape.
  • The drive for agility.

SAP showed the timeline on how hybris was changing from 5.4 to 6.3.

Portfolio priorities. SAP highlighted three areas as priorities for 2017:

  • Unification
    • Transform into one unified platform
    • Unify user experience
  • Integration
    • Standardization of integration technologies
    • Focus on business process integration
    • Multi usage of business objects
    • Mobilize ecosystem
  • Cloud
    • Transform with cloud innovations
    • One extension platform
    • Commerce as a service
    • New revenue cloud
  • Commerce Core
    • B2B:
      • ASM adapts to the configuration of the user & their position
      • 3rd party integration: Sales Organization sync
    • Configurable products
    • Enhanced bundles
    • Commerce quotes (Phase II)
    • Interactive features. Guided selling
  • Customer Experience
    • Profile-driven personalization. Profile insights.
    • Personalization across Content & Commerce
    • Optimization & A/B-testing
  • Order Management
    • Standalone deployment.
    • Order modification. Self-service.
  • Master Data Management
    • Backoffice Product Cockpit
    • Product data quality groups
    • Supplier portal
    • Workflow center
  • Integration
    • Datahub BP monitoring
    • SAP integration (SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, Returns with S/4 HANA)
  • Platform
    • Containerization
    • Cluster management

Commerce Core


Commerce Quotes

  • Promotional pricing based on established relationships
  • Bundle rules (based on the rule engine)
  • Bundle-aware shopping cart

B2B: Sales organization (Phase 2)

Enhancements to automatically include sales unit and buyer unit hierarchies (6.4)

  • Seller structure (manual/integrated)
    • Integration with the internal systems
  • Seller constraints (used in ASM)
    • Business unit
      • Can be directly assigned to sellers or group of sellers
    • Geolocation
      • Under geolocation use of the business unit corporate address
        • Mark the geolocation as assignable
        • Correlating customer corporate addresses with geolocation devisions
    • Catalog/Category can be assigned to the sellers or group of sales


ASM Customer 360º view (since 6.2)

  • Customer agents are able to identify their customer, to relate and assist
  • Relevant recommendations
  • Promotions & Loyalty
  • Customer technologies such as devices, browsers and operating systems enable customer service agents



  • Staging and preview

Enhanced Bundling

  • Bundle-aware promotions
  • Rule-based2017-05-20_12h40_44.png
  • By 2020, 50% of digital transformation initiatives will fail due to the lack of an end to-end customer experience operating system (IDC Research, FutureScape Worldwide Chief Marketing officer 2017 Predictions).


CMS SmartEdit

  • Enhancements of CMS SmartEdit in 6.4
    • Clone pages
    • Create and edit user group restrictions
    • Improved shared slot support
    • Additional components (CMS link and Product Reference)
    • Improved framework extensibility to support new component types

Personalization Enhancements

  • More complex rules for configuration of user segments and display default customizations to anonymous users
  • Displaying personalizations to anonymous users
    • Editing personalizations from Combined View of multiple personalizations
  • Preview and edit customizations for multip2017-05-20_12h54_46.pngle target groups in context at once

Versioning & Workflow (Q3/17 & Beyond)

  • Allow business users to make changes and rollback to previous versions content across content & pages
  • The workflow core will be the same, but UI is reworked

Searchandising (Q3/17 & Beyond)

  • Search + Personalization
  • Boosting products for different target groups
  • Using customer insights from SAP hybris profile and other systems to enhance search results

A/B testing and optimization (Q3/17 & Beyond)

  • No detailed information


Standalone deployment of OMS!


Brand-new Product Cockpit in 6.4

  • New Backoffice Product Cockpit!
  • Copying/Cloning products between catalogs (Drag&Drop)
  • SOLR powered product search in PCM with facets!
  • Enhancements in the validation engine (constraints, like wrong format or value is too small etc)
  • Data quality groups (validation engine)
  • Catalog/Catalog version operations are now integrated into PCM
  • Multiple sync rules are supported
  • Dynamic interfaces (displaying only relevant fields)
  • Synchronization jobs / processes can be easily monitored from backoffice/PCM: progress bar, statuses, aborting etc.

Future plans (Q3 & Beyond)

  • Supplier portal
  • Product Comparision in backoffice
  • Enhanced Collaboration:
    • Workflows & Tasks,
    • Workflow center
    • Workflow Visualization
  • Excel export/import


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