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Become an Intelligent Enterprise without front-loading costs

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technology stack for enabling this objective.

Drawingupon our collective knowledge and experience, we thoroughly analyze anorganization, bearing in mind its size, industry, future imperatives andchallenges to evolve a suitable business model and technology stack that willmake it more intelligent. The end-to-end solution and services stack is developedon Azure infrastructure, and is built using the SAP S/4 Hana application andInfosys implementation methodology. The Infosys methodology covers the creationof an innovation environment, designing an appropriate business model, definingnext-generation processes, implementing the ERP solution, and understanding howintelligent applications may be built on top of the ERP stack to deliver thedesired outcomes.

Astandout feature is that unlike in most transformations, where there are hugeexpenses in the initial years, here the cost is almost flat lined. This meansclient enterprises incur more or less similar expenditure throughout theduration of the project. What's more, the implementation partners share theclient's risk by providing outcome-based services. All this lowers the entrybarriers to transformation.

Inthe speaker session on May 7 at 4:00pm at Microsoft booth 729, Shyam Vijayanand I will explain the solution in detail and showcase its impact on amultibillion dollar life sciences company with 4 to 6 TB of data. We lookforward to seeing you there.

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