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Thursday, 06 June 2019 14:29

Podcast: SAP CX Labs talk

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We’re trying something new! New to us at least… This podcast is a bit of an experiment. It’s far from perfect but we thought the best way to learn is to

put ourselves out there and collect some honest feedback. Please listen to our (Test-)Episode #0 and let us know what you think in the comments section. Name, music, style… all this might change. It’s development in progress. With all that said…

Welcome to “SAP CX Labs Talk”, the podcast to share news and thoughts on innovation and tech topics, orbiting the world of customer experience – presented by SAP Customer Experience Labs. In this monthly podcast, Sven and Nick invite guests to talk about emerging technologies, start-ups, and innovation projects and how these might influence CX in future. It’s not about communicating any official SAP CX thought leadership, it’s just about keeping you up-to-date…

Episode #0

00:00 Hello!
01:30 What’s this all about?
05:10 News: foundry opening in Munich
07:50 News: CX Live Orlando (showcases KOI, Yo!AvatAR, Code Name: Antwerp, Hands-free FSM)
15:45 Main topic: GraphQL with Sven Haiges
26:25 What’s coming up?

Links mentioned during the show:
Start-ups and the SAP CX Partner Ecosystem
GraphQL: REST in Peace!


We want our audience to become a part of the show, so please subscribe and leave your feedback in the comments section below or tweet using the hashtags #labstalk and #sapcxlabs.

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