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Friday, 14 June 2019 03:45

ISU – Payment Lot Processing Overview

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You might have a decade of SAP experience but when you get opportunity to work in a new technology, you become a fresher in that project. Same happened

to me. When my manager asked me to work in SAP ISU Project, I was a beginner in the SAP ISU Retail area. The process, the tables, the function modules, everything was new for me. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to document whatever small or big I learn, so that it can be a ready reference for the beginners in that area.

With that thoughts, here we come with our third article on SAP ISU. In the first, we learned about Bankruptcy Overview and Write-Off Process. In the second article we went through Installation, Meter Reading, Bill Order, Billing, Invoice and Invoice Printing Process Overview.

What happens after the Invoice is generated? You guessed it right. The customer does the payment. What if you want to mock the Payment Lot process for testing? Yes, in today’s tutorial we would check all the steps to create a payment against the invoice document. There might be other better ways, but today we would demonstrate one simple process which even the technical consultant can perform.

IS-U means Industry-Specific Solutions for Utilities Industry. Or more commonly IS-U means Industry Solutions-Utilities.

Give the Lot number as per naming convention

Hit Create

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Check, the job gets scheduled immediately.

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Go to t-code FPL9, give your account number and hit enter. Checkthe Payment line is created and the Clearing Document Number is generated. Forour example, the clearing document number starts with 092006*. Please note thisone clearing document can be for multiple Invoice Line items based on Main andSub (shown in table DFKKOP below).

Que: In which table can we find the Clearing Document Number?

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You can see the Clearing Document in table DFKKOP.

Check for one ClearingDocument there can be multiple Invoicing Document in column DFKKOP-OPBEL.

The Clearing Document Number details can be found Headertable DFKKKO

If you have worked on any SAP ISU Project, then you must besmiling at this article. We understand, it is a cake walk for you. But ourtarget audiences are beginners in SAP ISU. So, we do not shy away fromproviding every minute detail we learn while working in any new area.

If you also have something to share, please feel free to send a word document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will publish it in your name. Nothing is small. Any tips, tricks or tweaks which you found interesting can be a life saver for someone in a project. So, please share.

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SAP IS-U Process Overview

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