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What’s New in 1705 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – Fiori client (Responsive UI)

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In this blog I will be covering some of the key features available in the May 2017 (1705) release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Fiori client (formerly known as Responsive UI).

Theme Builder

  • Theme Builder can be used to customize the color of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer as per your branding needs.
  • Administrators can create a custom theme which will be applied for all roles/users.
  • Custom theme will be reflected for Fiori client (RUI) only in the browser as well as the Extended App. (HTML5 UI will not be affected by custom theme).
  • The areas of the application which can be changed are:
    • Global
    • Navigation Pane
    • Flag, Favorite tab
    • Tool bar
    • List
    • Detail View
    • Global Search
    • Login Page
    • Multi Tab Navigation bar
  • You can export a custom theme from the Test System and import it into the Production System.

Administrators can launch Theme Builder vis the user menu on a desktop.

Note: Theme Builder can be used on Desktop machines only and not on tablets or smartphones.


Theme Builder is launched and shows 2 themes:

  1. The default SAP Blue Crystal theme
  2. An option to create a Custom Theme

Selecting the Custom Theme shows the UI elements list for which you can change colors. Shown below are elements of Navigation Pane with background color changed to Red

Administrators have the option to Save the custom theme while they continue to work on the theme at a later time or they can publish the theme to all users.

Once the theme is published the administrator can then export the theme from the Test tenant and import it into the Production tenant.


Paging for Lists

  • Paging is now available for all lists
  • Navigation through pages can be done sequentially only i.e. jumping to a specific page number is currently not available.


Map Enhancements – Paging, Scalable Pins

  • Paging is also now available on the Map views.
  • In addition we now only show the pins on the map associated to the items in the list per page


Auto Expand tables on Object Detail facets

  • Tables on facets now auto-expand to the height of the screen if table is the only control on the facet.


Disable Enterprise Search & Auto-Search on Lists

  • Enterprise Search and Auto-Search on lists can now disabled via company setting for Fiori client.
  • Two company Setting are now provided to disable Enterprise Search and Auto-Search on lists

Object Locking (Feature enabled upon request)

  • NOTE: To enable this feature on your tenant please create an incident requesting this feature. Please note there are certain limitation with this feature and may impact your custom enhancements.
  • Locking of objects for editing has been changed to getting immediate lock when the user triggers the edit mode.
    • Prior to 1705 release, object locks were only obtained when the user triggered the SAVE action. This resulted in the user being unaware of data being changed in parallel sessions by other users.
    • From 1705 release, object locks are immediately obtained once the user selects the “EDIT” action. All other users who want to read/edit this object will see the error message that the object is being edited
  • This change in locking behavior provides clear user experience so that the user reading an object knows that someone else is editing the object. They can re-launch the object to see updated information.
  • Note: Locking is only done for the main object that is being edited (e.g. Account) and not secondary objects (e.g. Activities) which are shown on the Object Detail.

Releasing locks from previous sessions

  • When a user logs into multiple sessions across devices/browsers they will be provided a message popup informing about duplicate sessions.
  • If the user decides to end other sessions, then any object locks from the previous sessions will be released.
  • This feature is available in Fiori client and HTML5 UI.


Numeric Keypad

  • Numeric keypad has been enabled for numeric fields for touch devices.


AutoNavi Map for China (HTML5 UI only)

  • Maps for China (AutoNavi map) will be available for HTML5 UI.

Limitation for AutoNavi map

  • China Map to be used for plotting information with China and for users based out of China where the standard Google Map may not work.
  • Addresses need to be maintained in Simplified Chinese for these to be plotted on the AutoNavi map.







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