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GreenKeeper – Place Markers Invisible

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When I was at WWDC 19 in California, I saw flags in Fremont and also in San Jose and wondered what might have happened there. Later I also saw that such flags

were used to mark grass that had not been mown properly. Then I thought how to mark something like that so that everyone doesn’t have to see it.
Apple showed an extension of ARKit at the WWDC, which happened especially at the Collaborative Sessions. With a Collaborative Session it is possible to synchronize an Augmented Reality (AR) scenario with multiple users. The corresponding AR data are serialized and are usually exchanged directly with the user in the near area. But the data can also be stored in the cloud and can therefore be exchanged between different users. For the GreenKeeper idea I use this feature.

How does GreenKeeper work?

  • Carol is responsible for the golf course.
  • She scans the grass with her mobile phone.
  • ARKit recognizes the area.
  • Carol sets a flag on the grass, selects “mow grass” and enters a text.


  • Carol puts another flag on the spot where grass is missing.
  • She chooses “repair grass” and enters a text.
  • Depending on the description text, an order is automatically created for the seed and fertilizer.


  • Clicking on one of the orders opens a dialog for the selection of another product.
  • After Carol has finished with the service ticket, Steven receives a notification.
    Steven is the green keeper for the golf course.


  • Steven arrives at hole 17 and scans the area with his cell phone.
    If ARKit detects the same points, the flags are automatically placed.
    The ARKit information is stored with the service ticket when Carol creates the ticket. The app reads this information when Steven opens the ticket.
  • Steve can select one of his tasks and when he’s done, he sets “task done”.
  • After Steven has completed all his tasks, Carol receives a notification.


  • Carol can review and evaluate the tasks.
    Some of the grass wasn’t cut properly.
    Carol rates this task with two stars and adds a comment.
    This automatically creates a service ticket with the old ticket as a reference.
  • Steven then receives an important notification.

That’s the idea of GreenKeeper and how to mark something invisible. As I mentioned, I use ARKit Collaborative Sessions / Multiuser. With the prototype idea I also use SAP Service Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud together and a Qualtrics rating with SAP Service Cloud.

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