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SME Partners – SEEDx Development Challenge 2020: Build Solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise

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channels and transact with business partners. Literally transformative. It is transforming industries and offering intelligent & innovative ways to overcome existing constraints and seek out new opportunities. That is why emphasis on the importance of this challenge for partners to innovate and harness digital technologies and platforms to build solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Since the start of this initiative in 2017, we have achieved more than 20 partner’s solution seeding into this initiative! For more info about the submissions, you may refer to the summary blogs below.

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Every year, we kickstart the challenge with a broad idea to get our SME partners to brainstorm and develop a PoC (Proof of Concept) / MVP (Minimum Viable Product), adopting one of the many emerging intelligent technologies out there, such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, Augmented / Virtual Reality, etc. The possibility is endless!

In this round, the challenge requires partners to develop an innovative solution related to one of the Challenge Themes listed below.

Teams are encouraged to emphasise new ways of thinking, disruptive use cases, and the deployment of emerging technologies to empower users and help them do more meaningful work, sustainably.

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Industry Disruptor

Build a disruptive solution for a specific industry.

Digital Trailblazer

Harnesses the power of multiple
emerging technologies to rapidly
grow customer’s business intelligently.

Sustainability Innovation

Use of emerging technologies
to support sustainable practice.

Among the 3 Challenge Themes above, there is one special theme which supports Sustainability Innovation — on how can you build an intelligent solution, not only by bringing business value to your customers but also support sustainability. Some examples on how you can do so is to help businesses to control risk, achieve regulatory compliance, use resources efficiently, and innovate new business models to thrive in the digital and experience economy. Your solution could possibly help eradicate slavery from supply chains, propel a zero waste and circular economy, eliminate gender inequality, and educate people who have never had the chance to enter a classroom. There are endless possibilities to it!

Read more about it here.

August 22, 2019 – Kick Off [REPLAY]

August 22 – September 22, 2019 – Team & Solution Registration [REGISTRATION LINK]

November 15, 2019 – Submission

November 30, 2019 – Selection of Finalists & Winners

~Mar 2020 – Competition among Winners, Showcase at SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2020

Trophy with Recognition, Marketing & Certification funds.

– to be updated with further details –

So what are you waiting for?Register for SAP SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020 now.

Best of luck and hope to see you at the summit!

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