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Adobe Forms. Part 20. XML Integration – An Offline Scenario – 1

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Adobe Forms gives a lot of flexibility in real time business cases and can be helpful to automate the complex business processes. In one of my previous blogs,

I showed the use of Java Scripts for dynamic layout changes and validations. In another scenario, I showed the scenario of using Interactive Adobe Forms. Recently, I came up with another feature of Adobe forms i.e. XML schema based Adobe Forms. With this category, we can provide the driver data through XML file and can bind the required data from XML file. These forms are used widely in the scenario where data is provided in form of XML and can be transformed to PDF.

Gateway based Adobe Forms in S/4HANA Output Management are also based on XML schema based forms. For driver data, SAP has provided an OData Service which can be interpreted as XML containing data in different EntitySets.

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Back to our discussion of the day.

PDF to XML Conversion:

However, Adobe forms also return the PDF data into XML.This can be provided by Adobe Document Services (ADS). The key capabilities of the ADS are the creation of documents in PDF and various print formats from XML form templates and current system data, and the extraction of user-entered data from interactive PDF forms for rendering and generating Adobe Forms. SAP has also provided a single programmatic interface called PDF Document Object (or PDF Object) that enables developers to communicate with ADS. PDF Object is available both in ABAP as well as Java. In ABAP, SAP provided 2 main interfaces: IF_FP (Form) and IF_FP_PDF_OBJECT (PDF object).

I have planned to make use of these interfaces and I willalso provide some overview for the approach in this article.

Business Scenario:

The business example in this article is an offline scenario by which a customer will be able to fill bank information and send this information back so that this can be updated in the customer master.

  • The SAP Customer number and Invoice number are pre-populated in the form.
  • The form is emailed to the customer.
  • The customer completes the form and sends it back.
  • The data from the PDF form is retrieved and the customer master is updated.
  • This does not require any Web Dynpro development (which is used for online scenario for interactive Adobe forms).

Process FlowDiagram:

Flow Diagram of Offline SAP PDF Interface

This is just an initial process flow diagram and this article is just the introduction to more intriguing and interesting follow up tutorials. I will share more detailed and step-by-step implementation for this business process in my next article.

Trust me, you would be able to create an end to end offline SAP PDF Form interface and impress your client and manager. ?

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