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Innovate with the SAP & Esri quick-start experience

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SAP Cloud Platform, HANA service, SAP’s database-as-a-service in-memory database platform. Included are a 30-day free trial of SAP HANA service and Esri ArcGIS Enterprise along with video tutorials, sample data and maps. Join weekly webinars where SAP and Esri experts answer your questions, and stay informed with helpful content throughout your journey.

Register here for this limited experience and see first-hand the power of running your ArcGIS system of record on the same supercharged platform as your enterprise system of record. By having both systems running on SAP HANA service, you now have your GIS data seamlessly integrated with your business data. You can run analytics on spatial enterprise data in seconds. Query proliferation is reduced dramatically as there is no need to write multiple queries to ensure performance. Summary tables and indices are no longer needed for query performance. The end results are increased performance, seamless integration of spatial and enterprise data, and lower total cost of ownership.

What creative and impactful ideas will the SAP + Esri quick-start experience inspire you to do?  We can’t wait to hear all about it.  Have fun!

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