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The #SAPInnovation Awards: Opportunity to enhance your SAP Community Reputation

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Earning an Awards Badge

Badges are a way in the SAP Community to recognize the members who have showcased their involvement and dedication to the SAP Ecosystem. If you are an active SAP community member you can enhance your reputation by earning one of the following 3 badges:

SAP Innovation Awards 2020 Contestant Badge
Awarded to applicants who submit an SAP Innovation Awards entry that is published on the entries page. The badge will be awarded once submissions close.
SAP Innovation Awards 2020 Finalist Badge
Awarded to participants who are selected as a finalist. The badge will be awarded once finalists are announced.
SAP Innovation Awards 2020 Winner Badge
Awarded to participants selected as a winner in one of the six categories: Best Run Leader, Experience Innovator, Technology Disruptor, Business Transformation Champion, Cloud Genius and Adoption Superhero. The badge will be awarded once winners are announced.

Include your SAP Community profile URL in the entry form. You can find your profile URL by as follows:

  1.  Go to and click on your profile icon button(top right). If you do not have an account, click on profile button to register
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Click on “View your public profile” to get URL for your profile

Note that if you are not an active community member at the time that the badges are awarded please follow steps below on how to become active.  Once you confirm you are an active community member, send email of your Profile URL and “EntryID” to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To view your badges , simply navigate by clicking the “My Missions” link under your profile photo (upper right corner of and/or to “Write a Blog Post” (see orange arrows).

How to become an active SAP Community member?

With the SAP Community, we encourage everyone to engage as active members. By doing so, your badge will appear in the “Reputation” view of your profile when it is awarded.

If are new to the SAP Community or inactive, it’s easy to become an active member by taking the following steps:

  1. Become a member: Go to your profile button on the top right. If you do not have an account, go to the top right profile button and register for an account.
  2. Post a comment or like this blog, follow a blogger, update your profile or upload a profile picture to upgrade your profile from “subscriber” to “contributor”
  3. Enable blogging,  review these blogging instructions.

If you need help verifying your SAP Community profile or to enable blogging, please contact SAP Community Support @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Inspiring 2020 Entries

Browse the amazing 2020 submissions to get an idea of how customers and partners are differentiating themselves, achieving tremendous results, and adapting to dynamic customer needs.

Intelligent SAP Operation Product based on Solution Manager & AIUAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) striking insurance sector with new ITTransparent & Sustainable Food, strong Brands with SAP Blockchain & IoTKRED ID Bot Provides Streamlined Aligned Global Process

Stay Connected

There are many ways to engage with the SAP Innovation Awards program.

  • Podcast – Hear special guest, Ivo Totev, former President of SAP Global Line of Business Marketing, give his perspective on the Innovation Awards. | Listen Now
  • Twitter – Follow us on Twitter (#SAPinnovation) to keep up to date on announcements and posts.
  • NewsSubscribe to the Awards newsletter.
  • Blog – Write a SAP Community blog about your submission; follow these steps and guidelines. Include the tag “SAP Innovation Awards” when you publish.
  • Visit

The Clock is Ticking!

Share your #SAPinnovation story.

Take advantage of the time between now and January 3rd.

The countdown is on!

Need help? Have a question?
Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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