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we have internet issues,

Once the net is down / fluctuation SAP is down no matter how important task, we are doing all our unsaved data will be gone we need to process it again.

My Client creates Purchase orders daily around 200+ and each PO will have minimum 50+ all done manually when She is creating PO suddenly net get small fluctuation her entire unsaved PO will do gone, and she must redo all data.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so she used a small Tanque
when you see this screen generally, we click yes or no and close SAP and wait for SAP up.

Instead of that drag pop- up side and we can copy the data by pressing Ctril+Y and Copy or we can print screen the unsaved data based on the screen we work by the time connection is gone.

Paste in excel and once SAP is back directly copy-paste from excel to SAP.

If you took print screen and image will be saved and once SAP is back, you can maintain data again with reference to the image.

Thank you, Ms Anitha, for identifying this trick and sharing

SAP is doing a lot of Innovations in Digital transformation, hope one day SAP will innovate things such a way even when the internet is not there SAP will work and save data in local i.e. in laptop and once internet is there it will save to database like other ERP Tool does Tally

SAP Mentors, SAP Champions Marssel Vilaçais this functionality going to happen anywhere nearby? If not You can suggest to SAP Developers, This is the most awaited requirement of Users

Disclaimer:-  I know that I need to hide Information on Snap’s I added but if I mask it I can’t able to explain so left it like that Don’t make a big deal of it 

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Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4 HANA Manufacturing & Procurement

SAP Ariba P2P

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