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VIDEO: Partners Share Real-World Development Experiences with SAP Fiori elements

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two partners showed me just how valuable SAP Fiori elements was in accelerating not only development, but equally important, delivering a consistent user experience (UX).

While internal SAP teams have relied on SAP Fiori elements for some time, Peter Spielvogel, senior director of product marketing, UX Engineering at SAP, was particularly excited about sharing the benefits directly with partners and customers.

“Already, our own developers have built around 80 percent of new SAP S/4HANA apps using SAP Fiori elements for greater efficiencies,” he said. “Our customers and partners are hyper-focused on improving the UX in SAP applications. Now they can build SAP Fiori apps in a fast, easy, cost-effective way with these out-of-the-box templates.”

Here’s how two partners summarized their real-world experiences with SAP Fiori elements.

Partners add even more value

As an SAP partner, Mindset Consulting does a significant amount of custom development for high-value business applications, as well as implementations that involve SAP Fiori. After numerous customer requests for a solution that would provide greater system transparency, the U.S.-based company chose SAP Fiori elements to design Fiori Monitoring, an application that gives super-users a real-time view into their SAP Fiori applications.

“SAP Fiori elements was perfect for our use case because we’re providing an overview of what’s going on,” said Paul Modderman, digital experience architect at Mindset Consulting. “With real-time information directly from your SAP landscape, designers, programmers, analysts and other super-users on any team can immediately understand how many people are using particular tiles at any given time, and on what devices. They can also dive into historical data for further perspectives.”

Modderman also praised the speed and built-in extensibility of SAP Fiori elements.

“It’s very easy to get something out-of-the-gate to developers, and also we have the opportunity for add-ons,” he said. “We used the ability to create custom cards because we needed a map to show someone’s geographical location.”

A faster route to the future

Shaun Syvertsen, managing partner at ConvergentIS, said that his company, a Canadian-based SAP partner, valued SAP Fiori elements for speeding up quality application development. The tool was especially important when it comes to helping customers evolve to the latest technologies. During our interview, Syvertsen demonstrated how his team turned to SAP Fiori elements to develop simplified time entry and reporting solutions, along with over a dozen other applications, that worked immediately and were also easily upgradeable.

“We make SAP easy to use by deploying either our packaged applications, or designing and building custom applications,” he said. “We can spend less time coding, and more time making sure we are designing and delivering the right innovations.”

Syvertsen added that, “we can use a combination of SAP Fiori elements with more advanced designs for some real differentiation.”

Building enterprise apps people love to use

Both partners are members of SAP AppHaus, a worldwide network of modern co-innovation communities focused on design thinking and UX. Their companies’ innovations reflect a market-wide push for low-code, fast development of applications that people love to use, while meeting organizational design guidelines.

“SAP Fiori elements makes it easy to crank details out, like data that’s associated with daily business processes,” said Spielvogel. “You don’t have to write any of the code for filtering, layout, graphs, navigation, and other information. This speeds up application development and enforces UX consistency, something that our customers have told us is critically important to them.”

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