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Time off Messages: Adding hyperlink in a message for opening in new tab.

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Take Rules in Employee Central Time Off help in additional validation and providing more information to users while requesting, editing or cancelling a leave. The information mentioned above is displayed in the form of messages. In this blog I will address the requirement, which is to include a hyperlink. On clicking this hyperlink, employee will have the link opened in a new tab in browser.

Example Requirement: The business wants to raise a message when the employee is applying for leaves, informing the employees to visit the company portal to access latest leave policy. There should be a hyperlink in the information message which employee can click to visit the portal.

Configuration Steps:

Step 1: Create a message definition as shown below:

For more information regarding Long Team Unpaid Leave policy, please click.  [xurl=]Here[/xurl] 

(I have used the example link to direct to

Step 2: Write a business rule, that will be attached in the next step. (I am not adding any conditions in the if block, as I want the message to displayed whenever the Unpaid time off leave is requested.)

Step 3: Add the Business Rule to the Time Type for which the message should be displayed.

Testing: Request for the Time off and see that this message is displayed. Up on clicking the link, the address is opened in a new tab.

Final Thoughts:

  1. The above has been achieved by using the BB Codes. The other codes that can be used to customize the messages are as below:

  1. The [url]…[/url] code provided in the above table opens the link in the same page, however this is not much usable as the page is opened in the same page. You will have to place the link within [xurl][/xurl] to get the page opened in new browser tab upon clicking the hyperlink.
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