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Simple Transport Request Checker

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scenario where I had to check the transport status for 100++ TR. Hence, I designed this tool to display multiple transport request statuses in a report, instead of checking one by one in Tcode SE10.


  1. Show all transport request statuses and information.


This report requires user to enter single or multiple TR. It shows all the transport requests information in an ALV Tree table.


  1. Display header information to have an overview of all TR.
  2. Highlight in red for transport request which has error, in yellow for transport request which has warning.
  3. Double click on header node to expand node.
  4. Double click on item node to view transport log in standard tcode.


Figure 1: Transport request with warning status

Figure 2: Transport request with error status

Source code:

The source code is on GitHub. Please refer to this link.


In summary, this transport request checker is designed to ease the job of tracking TR by showing multiple transport request in a report. I hope this tool will help you in your project.

This is the end of the blog post. Let me know if you have any question. Enjoy coding!

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