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How to wrap long strings automatically in ADT

Written by Andre Fischer
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I am currently working on using json strings as input for my RAP generator tool.

Here I ran into the problem that I had to provide a (very) long json string as an input for a class that is run as a console application.

But also when using a simple json string such as this one (taken from Wikipedia) it is not possible to use cut & paste to work with it in ADT.


Error when using cut and paste with default editor settings

… unless you know which settings you have to change for your ABAP editor in ADT.

From the menu choose Window –> Preferences and there ABAP Development –>

Editors –> Source Code Editors or you search for source code editors in the Preferencesdialogue.

Here you have to activate the check box Escape text when pasting into a string literal.


Preferences – Escape text when pasting into a string literal

When you now use cut and paste and paste a long string, a json string or even an xml string to your source code within the placeholders for a literal

json_string = ''.

all strings will be wrapped automatically



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