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SAP S/4HANA Microlearning (OP/CL) – The ultimate collection

Written by Daphne Mengwein
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SAP S/4HANA Microlearning offers a new powerful learning opportunity! Microlearnings are self-contained, stand-alone knowledge bites covering key features of SAP S/4HANA (on premise and Cloud). They provide spot-on information that you can consume anytime – no registration or enrollment is required.

The SAP S/4HANA microlearnings are designed as little how-to guides, include a system demo, and cover topics that are relevant for business users as well as application and implementation consultants.

New microlearnings will continuously be published in this blog and on For feedback and topic proposals, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

LoB Finance

Group Reporting – New Reporting LogicAccounting and Financial CloseExperts Choice
Mass Creation of General Ledger AccountsAccounting and Financial CloseExperts Choice
Setting Up a Market Segment Substitution for a Custom FieldAccounting and Financial CloseExperts Choice
Preparing an SAP Cash Application PilotAccounts ReceivableGetting Started
Running an SAP Cash Application PilotAccounts ReceivableGetting Started
Replication of Activity Rates in Central FinanceCentral FinanceExperts Choice
Creation of Templates for Bank Statement Reprocessing RulesFinancial OperationsExperts Choice
Customization of Content Form TemplatesFinancial OperationsExperts Choice
Customization of Master Form TemplatesFinancial OperationsExperts Choice
Die Umsatzsteueränderung in Deutschland (Deutsch)Financial OperationsGetting Started
Introduction to Supplier FinancingFinancial OperationsGetting Started
VAT Change in GermanyFinancial OperationsGetting Started
Increasing Financial Visibility with the Treasury Executive DashboardTreasury ManagementGetting Started

Global Risk & Compliance

Reviewing User Access with SAP Cloud Identity Access GovernanceEnterprise Risk and ComplianceExperts Choice

LoB Supply Chain

Configure Backorder Processing (BOP) Segment & SortingAdvanced Available-to-Promise (aATP)Experts Choice
Configure Backorder Processing (BOP) VariantAdvanced Available-to-Promise (aATP)Experts Choice
Aggregation Behavior of Analytical List Pages in Inventory ManagementInventory ManagementExperts Choice
Schedule the Creation of Physical Inventory DocumentsInventory ManagementExperts Choice
Situation Handling for Physical Inventory CountingInventory ManagementExperts Choice
Configure Handling Unit ManagementWarehousingExperts Choice
Develop your own Mobile Task AppWarehousingExperts Choice
Setting up a Communication Scenario for a Self-Developed Mobile Task AppWarehousingExperts Choice
Setting up a Communication Scenario for Handling Unit ManagementWarehousingExperts Choice
Warehouse Inbound Processing Using a Self-Developed  Mobile Task AppWarehousingGetting Started
Warehouse Outbound Processing with Handling Unit ManagementWarehousingGetting Started

User Experience

Creating Bookmarks in SAP Fiori LaunchpadSAP FioriExperts Choice
Introduction to Structuring SAP Fiori Launchpad with SpacesSAP FioriExperts Choice
Personalizing SAP Fiori Launchpad BasicsSAP FioriGetting Started
Tools for Structuring SAP Fiori Launchpad with SpacesSAP FioriExperts Choice
Using Default Values and Variants in SAP Fiori AppsSAP FioriExperts Choice
Using Enterprise Search for Reporting in SAP FioriSAP FioriExperts Choice

Technology Topics

Creating Custom Business ObjectsExtensibilityExperts Choice
Creating Custom FieldsExtensibilityExperts Choice
Business Partner SOAP Services OverviewMaster DataExperts Choice
Reduced Data Model HandlingMaster DataExperts Choice
Replication of Business Partner Data in Business Partner SOAP ServiceMaster DataExperts Choice

Cross Topics and Implementation

Introducing openSAP Microlearning for SAP S/4HANAGetting Started
Getting the Best out of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Customer CommunityCommunityGetting Started
Finding Available SAP Fiori AppsUpgradeExperts Choice
Finding Delta Simplifications Between SAP S/4HANA ReleasesUpgradeExperts Choice
Working with the What’s New ViewerUpgradeExperts Choice

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