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How to read the performance trace :HANAAdmin tool

Written by Rajarajeswari Kaliyaperuumal
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Performance trace Vs HANAAdmin tool

If you have tried to collect a performance trace , and have ended up in a file *.tpt which is not human readable, note that performance trace can be decoded by using a tool called HANAAdmin.

Below information is only specific to how to invoke it and other possible functionality at a basic level. We used this tool to check if all our nodes of production environment has god network using test function at a graphic level.

How to access this tool?



This tool is mostly used to analyze performance trace and also network issues with respect to intra node communication.

To Open it:

Set the DISPLAY variable in you HANA server. Post that execute the below to open the HDBAdmin tool in the above specified location.



In above click on TEST button to get the output to and from master node to slave node and slave to master node.

To Analyze Performance trace:

Capture the performance trace in HANA studio trace and when it is turned off we will get the output file as perftrace.tpt .

For more information you can refer the below links:


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