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New advanced ABAP 7.4 and above : Introduction

Written by Akash Pal
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You must have heard about these fancy terms like new ABAP , advanced ABAP, 7.4 and 7.5X, all these terms are related to the NEW ADVANCED ABAP which is our topic for today.

This blog post will make you familiar with all the above mentioned terms so that you can also help others if they are also wondering why suddenly from the past few years these terms have become a talk of the ABAP town. We will see how it can make an ABAP’s life very easy given the condition that one should get familiar with the new ABAP first.

You must have seen many blog posts on the new ABAP and when I have started my new ABAP journey with the help of these blog posts but one problem which I faced is I was not able to find a single source covering all the topics hence I have to go through many resources , develop code , debug etc to fully understand each concept.

So I thought let’s have all the concepts at one place in a sequential manner covering all the concepts with executable line of code which can help someone who is new to this topic or not able to understand few concepts.

Prerequisite :

Basic/intermediate understanding of ABAP

This topic is divided into four blog posts – 

We will try to cover New ABAP by dividing it into the next four blog posts as mentioned below :

New advanced ABAP 7.4 and above – PART 1 : Inline Declaration – the post will be published on September 17th (link will be added)

It will mainly cover inline declaration :

Using VALUE and NEW

New advanced ABAP 7.4 and above – PART 2 : Database calculation using Select, Strings and Conditional Expressions (link will be added soon)

This will provide examples for the below subtopics-

Calculations inside the database using select query :

Using keyword FIELDS , UNION, Arithematic and aggregation operations, creating ranges etc.

String Operations:

Concatenations, ALPHA conversions and changing case

Conditional Expressions :

Use of COND and SWICH .

New advanced ABAP 7.4 and above – PART 3 : Internal Table operations

(link will be added soon)

This will provide examples for the below subtopics-

Internal table :

Example of reading and filling data to and fro from an internal table.


Example to use LET with internal tables


Examples to filter data from an internal table

Corresponding :

To show how we can replace move-corresponding operator with new ABAP

New advanced ABAP 7.4 and above – PART 4 : Loops and Meshes

(link will be added soon)

This will provide examples for the below subtopics-


Examples to show different options to use as work area, Using Loop with Group BY, FOR and REDUCE


Examples to use Meshes with forward and inverse association

After going through this series of blog posts, you should be ready to use new ABAP and take full advantage of the in-memory capability of the HANA Database in your programs.

So let’s start the new ABAP journey: Follow my profile to get notified when the next blog post will be online – the link to the first blog post will be added here soon!

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