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Downtime Optimization – Get insights using the new TDO app

Written by Andreas Lichtenau
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A transition to SAP S/4HANA is on everyone’s agenda. Sooner or later you will start your journey to SAP S/4HANA. In such projects you deal with longer runtimes. As a result there are troubles meeting the requested downtime window by the business unit.
A downtime event is always costly for a company. Often not more than a weekend is allowed to ensure an uninterrupted operation. Hence, the downtime can be a showstopper for any project and needs to be kept under control.

In this blog post I would like to introduce the Technical Downtime Optimization app.
It helps upgrade/conversion project members meet tight downtime requirements by providing easy to consume analytics and tailored downtime minimization advices and simulation from continuously updated knowledge base curated by upgrade/conversion experts.

How does it work?

The Software Update Manager (SUM) collects runtime statistics in the UPGANA.XML file. They can be send to SAP along with the SUM feedback form at the end of your Upgrade or Conversion run.



An automated algorithm in the cloud backend processes the data and presents them after approximately three hours. This step is fully automated and doesn’t require any interaction from your side.
Finally you are ready to analyze your data and identify potential downtime savings. 

How to get this app?

There are two ways entering the app:

  1. Using the SAP ONE Support Launchpad
  2. Using the direct link: https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/downtimeoptimization

If you would like to go for the SAP ONE Support Launchpad then search for the “Technical Downtime Optimization” app. Afterwards add this tile to a group. Now you can see information about the number of maintenance events in the past 365 days as well as the data of the last available event.

Finally you enter the start page and are good to go.


How to use the app?

On the start screen, set a filter to reduce the number of displayed events or directly choose a desired maintenance event and check the analysis by clicking the event.

The analysis screen is divided into three parts: the header, the time chart and the recommendation part.

The Header
The header of the app always contains information of the displayed maintenance event. Here you will see (1) the installation number, product, host and type of event, as well as information on source and target system including start and end date.
Additionally to that (2) you are able to open the UPGANA.XML file to get more data of the event.
(3) Furthermore you have the possibility to switch the timeline between “Complete upgrade without tool waiting time” and “… with tool waiting time”.

The Timeline
The timeline (4) consists of an overall runtime and a detailed analysis.
The overall runtime includes Uptime, Downtime and Postprocessing. The detailed analysis is dependent on one of that parts. As we focus on downtime optimization, we directly switch to the orange part, the “Technical Downtime”.


The detailed analysis will now show SUM phases which run during the downtime. When clicking on a downtime phase you will see analysis and recommendation in the recommendation part (5).

The recommendation part
The last part of the app is also divided into three parts.


At the beginning you will read about the chosen phase, its runtime and how to optimize it. Afterwards you see the processes sorted according their duration and the line chart which shows the parallel processes. The granularity of the charts can be adjusted using either more or less bins.


Using the Technical Downtime Optimization app you get easy to consume analytics and simulation from an up-to-date knowledge base to evaluate your runtime and detect possible downtime drivers. This tailored downtime minimization advice is included in the SAP support offering and comes with no extra costs.

For more details and updates on new functionality, check SAP Note 2881515 (Introduction to the Technical Downtime Optimization App​).

Andreas Lichtenau

Senior Support Engineer, LCX Global Customer Empowerment, SAP SE
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