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Developing Enterprise AI extension with Kyma and Non SAP Machine Learning Platform Part -1

Written by Sudip Ghosh
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Hello Everyone,

First of all Happy new year and I hope you guys are doing really well. a couple of days back I was presenting the topic “Developing Enterprise AI extension” on SAP Yalsah and the response was quite good from the Audience which made me think let me write a Blog Series on this topic with deep dive. Well after reading this blog you will get to know how you can infuse AI into Enterprise Scenario and definitely as an extension.

Before Discussing the use case and further Technical stuff let’s understand mostly the type of AI you can infuse Into Enterprise Software and the Platform/tools you can use.

In this blog  Series, i am going to discuss about Conversational AI and Vision AI. So today’s business use case is completely based on SAP Conversational AI and Other Non SAP Machine Learning Platform to create Machine Learning Model and How we can Integrate that into Enterprise Landscape.

Business Story

Allan is newly hired employee in Organization ABC and he want to get his laptop to start working on project, Now Organization ABC Have recently digitized their Enterprise landscape to give best user experience to their employee by Implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Business Technology Platform Portfolio. Because of such Digitization Allan could create purchase requisition for his laptop just by taking picture of product and send to WhatsApp based Conversational AI.

How Cool is that isnt it, we will see how such use case could be implemented.

Technical Architecture

How to Connect the Dots

Before getting into Action I want to put my experience on this different Vision AI Platform.

In the Next Part, I am going to discuss how we can develop and run a custom Machine Learning Model on Kyma and Cloud Foundry and Finally can Integrate it as an Extension. in the meanwhile enjoy the read old school way and let me know the feedback in the comment section.



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