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Update: Future SAPUI5 versions will no longer support Microsoft’s legacy browsers

Written by Oliver Graeff
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This blog highlights the end of support for Microsoft legacy browsers by future SAPUI5 versions and the recommended activities for our customers and partners.


SAPUI5 supports a range of browsers and platforms. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy (EdgeHTML) are legacy products with limited maintenance from Microsoft. Both will not be supported by future SAPUI5 versions. Specifically, this means

SAPUI5 will no longer support IE11 starting with SAPUI5 1.88 (2104)

This does not affect any support statements for the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser, see SAP Note 2884143.


Microsoft IE11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy (EdgeHTML) are legacy products, which do not fulfil the requirements of a modern browser regarding features, security, performance, etc. Microsoft has limited the support for both products:

To ensure a secure environment for running business-critical solutions, SAP recommends using the latest version of a modern and secure browser.


The SAPUI5 end of support for Microsoft IE 11 was announced earlier in the SAPUI5 documentation. Looking at the SAPUI5 versions and their maintenance status, this now means SAPUI5 will no longer support IE11 starting with SAPUI5 1.88 (2104).

  • SAPUI5 1.84 (2011) is the last long term maintenance version supporting Microsoft IE11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy.
  • SAPUI5 1.87 (2103) will be the last SAPUI5 version supporting Microsoft IE11. All SAPUI5 versions up to and including SAPUI5 1.87 will continue to support IE11 as long as they are in maintenance. (Please note: no Microsoft Edge Legacy support due to the announced end of life date.)

Depending on the SAP products used and the respective SAPUI5 version consumed by these products, different product releases are affected with different timelines.

Recommended Action

SAP always recommends using the latest version of a modern, supported browser according to SAPUI5 Browser and Platform Support. Microsoft recommends transitioning to the new Microsoft Edge browser.

For SAP solutions using SAPUI5, keep an eye out for announcements concerning the respective products. If you are using Microsoft IE11, it can be helpful to temporarily stay on SAPUI5 1.84 – 1.87 (see above) until your environment is updated to a supported browser.

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