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ABAP Unit – Learning session

Written by Frederic Girod
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Dear friends,

time is little bit long with the COVID, so I decide to make little videos. I really appreciate to do it, I try to improve my terrible English ?

The subject is the ABAP Unit.

ABAP Unit is a tool to help you to make Unit Test, meaning at the lowel level of the code. It is a developper tool, it will help you to strengthening your code.

  • Introduction

First video will try to put things in place. What you could do & what you could not do. (because most of the people think about functional test, but it is not)

It will present also, quickly, how to write simple test.

  • SETUP method & Pool of data

Second video will give you two new information. The usage of the method SETUP (simple example), and how to test several data at the same times.

  • Create a Mock & Test Exception

Third video will present you a solution to solve dependency: If you are trying to test a method & this method used another class. How to limit the test to the method itself & not test another class.

We will also test if a method is returning an exception

I am searching good subjects for next videos.

I hope it will help peoples trying to start on ABAP Unit. If you need more details about a specific part of ABAP Unit, please add a comment.

Best regards


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