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SAP Readiness Check feature update: new Web Assistant

Written by Astrid Tschense
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Dear All!

Some weeks ago we announced the “Learn More” Side Panel as a new feature in the SAP Readiness Check, containing general information on the SAP Readiness Check tool, details on the check you are currently displaying and explanations how to interpret data and check results (see the blog New feature in SAP Readiness Check live: “Learn More” Side Panel if you missed that announcement).

Today we can tell that there is even more help for you in the SAP Readiness Check application with the new Web Assistant in-app help.

How to use the new Web Assistant (in-app help) in SAP Readiness Check

By choosing the questionmark icon (Open Help) in the top-right corner of the screen, you can display instructions on how to use the application and find information about specific user interface elements.

Choosing the questionmark opens a side bar with help topics and highlights all icons and sections in the application for which explanations and instructions are available:

When you hover over the listed help topics, connectors show which icon the help topic refers to:

A click on either the help topic or the highlighted icon opens a text box with more detailed explanations and instructions:

You can hide the side bar with the arrow icon on the bottom of the help panel, but continue using the Web Assistant: With a click on the highlighted icons the specific help topic gets displayed.

To close the Web Assistant and return to the dashboard navigation, use the close button in the top right corner. You can open the Web Assistant not only in the dashboard, but also in the detail view of a check tile – try it out!

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