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SAP HANA Cloud now supports all types of data and workloads to Move, Extend, and Scale

Written by Venkata Giduthuri
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SAP HANA Cloud is constantly evolving, delivering innovation and services to our customers.  The SAP HANA Cloud Q1, 2021 release provides new managed services that build on the legacy of the SAP ASE and SAP IQ products and update their power for the cloud, bringing enhanced scalability, flexibility, and advanced analytics capabilities.  The new SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise service is geared for OLTP workloads and allows you to move your on-premise SAP ASE databases to a secure, scalable cloud service managed by SAP. The SAP HANA Cloud, data lake, known for high-performance analytical workloads, has been extended to support existing SAP IQ applications natively.  In this blog, I will highlight some key new services and enhancements within the data management area based on recent releases. These capabilities demonstrate how SAP HANA Cloud simplifies IT landscapes in the cloud for any workload.

SAP HANA Cloud is designed to achieve petabyte scale with its built-in data lake service. SAP HANA Native Storage Extension helps scale SAP HANA database capacity by assigning PAGE LOADABLE storage configuration to a full table or to specific columns or partitions of a table. The SAP HANA Cloud, data lake helps further extend data capacity with managed access. Its data tables are independent of the SAP HANA database. However, SAP HANA can access these tables via a highly optimized and fast Smart Data Access connection. Since the data lake is now optionally a standalone service, direct access to data lake tables is also now possible. The SAP HANA Cloud, data lake instance is currently able to store up to 90TB of compressed data.

Fig 1: Scaling very large data volume in a single database architecture

Following are the data management enhancements in recent releases:

  • Size of in-memory data (compressed) in SAP HANA database is extended up to 3.6 TB.
  • Utilization of Native Storage Extension for larger disk-based configurations with flexibility to provision disk space separately from memory. Enables SAP HANA database to store more data at lower cost of ownership.
  • Document Store for JSON documents. This is an independent store in SAP HANA allowing the storage of semi-structured documents, which can be queried and processed jointly with relational data.

New capabilities as of March 2021:

  • Enable storing, reading, and writing files of any format in the SAP HANA data lake to enable management of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The data lake file storage supports storing petabytes of data. For structured data files such as CSV or Parquet file formats, SQL on files capability can be used to access the data through a data lake IQ connection.
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