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SAP Activate from the Partner POV

Written by Bob Byrne
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Good morning SAP Community… Health and happiness 2021. Get After It!

In this blog post I will briefly summarize and point you to two new value blogs written directly from the SAP Partner PoV. Anyone on a SAP implementation or SAP S/4HANA Cloud project, it’s worth the read.

Check out a new blog post called, The value of a Solution Standardization Board (SSB) as part of implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition by Andre Malan. Andre writes about how implementing an ERP system can be stressful, and much of this stress is related to the management of new information. An example of this, is finalizing client scope or evaluating options in order to future-proof a solution. Prudent management of new information turns questions into answers and reduces stress levels by providing a level of secure knowledge, from which to lead the project team. This process of turning questions into answers is driven by the Systems Integration (SI) Project Manager (PM) and is contained within the delivery methodology and its related artefacts and accelerators.

(Image 1: Slide 22 of SAP Activate and Solution Standardization Board)

In the case of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition, the SAP Activate Methodology makes use of a specific accelerator that was specifically introduced for this cloud solution, namely the Solution Standardization Board (SSB). This artifact helps to reduce project stress, by assisting in the management of information related to the future-proofing of the client solution, which it does, by ensuring transparency of deviations from the standard (the fifth golden rule for implementing SAP S/4HANA with a cloud mindset.)


a new Blog post called, Proven Practices for fit-to-standard for your SAP Activate Project by Norbert Brumbergs , SVP Delivery, Applexus Technologies

(Image 2: Level 2: Deploying SAP S/4HANA Cloud with SAP Activate.pptx)

The objective of this blog post is to introduce you to the fit-to-standard approach for use in implementation of SAP S/4HANA in the cloud or in on-premises. The concept of fit-to-standard is detailed out in the SAP Activate methodology and while we will provide a brief intro, we will not be going into a lot of detail as this topic has been previously covered by other blog posts which we will reference. Instead, we will focus on the key challenges and misconceptions we have observed in implementation projects. We will also provide recommendations on how to tackle these challenges

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