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Discovery Health Leverages SAP HANA to Drive the Digital Transformation of Its Healthcare Delivery System

Written by Andrea Kaufmann
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Author: Maia Surmava, CIO, Discovery Health

South Africa’s Discovery Health has teamed up with SAP to develop a digital health ecosystem that improves the patient experience by delivering relevant, personalized information throughout the course of a patient’s healthcare engagement. The digital health platform leverages SAP S/4HANA’s financial management and ERP capabilities and extensions plus third-party add-ons to help patients better manage their treatment plans, while enabling healthcare providers to improve health outcomes by delivering personalized treatments and timely interventions powered by data-driven insights.

The Discovery Digital Health Ecosystem for SAP HANA delivers digital tools, clinical content, and insights through a human-centric engagement platform. The modular platform provides integrated management capabilities that enable personalized healthcare across the continuum of care, connecting patients, providers, and other members of the healthcare team.

The platform’s foundation is a massive intelligence layer where health-related master data is collected, analyzed, and made actionable. As shown below, potential data inputs include: insurance claims, authorizations, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), lab results, radiology, point-of-care devices, wellness screenings, risk assessments, and much more.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, the ecosystem’s intelligence layer is mined for valuable insights and predictive foresights, which are translated into three categories of potential healthcare interventions provided to individual patients:

1) Wellness: Includes screening tools, dynamic assessments, risk calculators, educational content, personalized objectives, an incentive-based behavior-change engine, and other features to help patients better understand their risks and promote healthy behavior.

2) Digital Therapeutics: Provides information and tools to help better manage treatments and prevent disease progression. This includes a set of customizable care pathways for specific conditions (e.g., diabetes, mental health); a medicine tracker tool for improving medication compliance; a personalized feed of information and alerts relevant to each individual patient; and access to EMRs detailing a patient’s medical history, including doctor visits, hospital admissions, prescribed medications, and key health measurables (i.e., body mass index, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure).

Predictive models are utilized to identify health risks and the potential for disease progression, providing Discovery Health beneficiaries with critical information they can use to take actions for improving their health. Digital therapeutics also encompass the integration of devices for remote monitoring and virtual diagnoses, as well as a variety of third-party health apps (e.g., sleep, mental health, diet, EKG, etc.).

3) Care Coordination and Enablement: Digital tools that provide healthcare professionals with a complete view of a patient’s health history, medications, and test results, improving patient care and reducing the likelihood of errors and duplicative or unnecessary tests.

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