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SQL Analyzer now available in Business Application Studio Part 2

Written by Tae Suk Son
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In my previous blog, I have explained how to enable the new SQL Analyzer in Business Application Studio and upload a PlanViz file for analysis.

We will now look into the details of each feature available with the new SQL Analyzer. Multiple PLV files can be opened and all the open ones will be displayed as a list in the PLAN GRAPHS of the left pane. Only one PLV can be the active which will be shown and others will be hidden and only shown as a tab with the file name on top.

First, lets start looking into the details of the left pane besides the PLAN GRAPHS

  • PLAN GRAPHS – list of all open PLV files
  • Top 5 Dominant Operators – The top 5 operators that took the most implicit execution time. Clicking on the operator will display the selected operator in Plan Graph
  • Top 10 Critical Path Operators – The top 10 operators that took the most implicit execution time of the critical path. The critical path is shown in the Plan Graph as a thick red arrows showing the most time consumed execution path of operators.
  • Last 10 Visited Operators – When clicking on a operator in Plan Graph, the operator is listed here so that it can be easily revisited when needed.
  • Bookmarks – A bookmark can be created for a specific operator so that it can be used during communication with others by referencing the stored bookmarks.

In the right side, the pane is split in 2 and there are 2 menu areas.

The Main Menu on top which have the following sections.

  • Overview – Basic information regarding the plan
  • Statement Statistics – Shows executed SQL statements within a stored procedure.
  • Plan Graph – detailed plan shown in graph
  • SQL – information regarding the SQL statement of the plan

The Sub Menu in the middle

  • Operators – list of operators within the current plan
  • Timeline – shows the timeline of operators
  • Table Access – list of tables accessed by the current plan
  • Properties – shows properties of operator selected in the main Plan Graph
  • Recommendation – Provides detailed recommendation to improve execution performance
  • Compilation Summary – shows information around compilation
  • Performance Trace – list of operators which have performance trace details
  • Function profiler – list of operators which have function profiler in detail

Let’s now look into the details of the main menu areas starting with the Overview. It shows the compilation time and, total execution time, execution start time and peak memory during execution.

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