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How to use a RFC Function module using RESTful ABAP Programming

Written by Gangadhar Rao Bonda
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I got a requirement to use RFC function module to get the data third party system. Using ABAP programming it is a cake walk for any ABAP developer. But, my client asked to use Eclipse and CDS to achieve this functionality. As many of us are new to Eclipse and CDS views. After doing R&D and found one reference to achieve my requirement. I hope this blog helps to all those who are going to start using Eclipse ADT for their developments.

1. Create a CDS view using templet “Custom entity with parameters”.

2. Create custom entity as per your required output and make sure to give the Class name “ABAP:ZCL_RFC_DETERMINE_JURISDICTION” where you are going to call your function module.

EndUserText.label: 'XXXXXXX RFC for tax' @ObjectModel.query.implementedBy: 'ABAP:ZCL_RFC_DETERMINE_JURISDICTION' @UI: { headerInfo: { typeName: 'xxxxxx', typeNamePlural: 'xxxxx RFC' } } define custom entity zce_xxxxxx_rfc with parameters im_country : land_tax, im_zipcode : ort02_bas { key COUNTRY : land_tax; STATE : regio; CITY : ort01_gp; COUNTY : ort02_bas; ZIPCODE : pstlz; TXJCD_L1 : lengx_txd; TXJCD_L2 : lengx_txd; TXJCD_L3 : lengx_txd; TXJCD_L4 : lengx_txd; TXJCD : txjcd; OUTOF_CITY : outcity; } 

3.Create a class to use the custom entity using the interface “if_rap_query_provider”.

CLASS zcl_rfc_determine_jurisdiction DEFINITION PUBLIC FINAL CREATE PUBLIC . PUBLIC SECTION. INTERFACES if_rap_query_provider. PROTECTED SECTION. PRIVATE SECTION. ENDCLASS. CLASS zcl_rfc_determine_jurisdiction IMPLEMENTATION. METHOD if_rap_query_provider~select. DATA lt_result TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF zce_xxxxxx_rfc. DATA: lv_cntry TYPE land_tax, lv_zipcode TYPE ort02_bas. TRY. TRY. TRY. IF io_request->is_data_requested( ). io_request->get_paging( ). DATA(lt_filter_cond) = io_request->get_parameters( ). DATA(lt_filter_cond2) = io_request->get_filter( )->get_as_ranges( ). lv_cntry = VALUE #( lt_filter_cond[ parameter_name = 'IM_COUNTRY' ]-value OPTIONAL ). "Fetching the parameter value lv_zipcode = VALUE #( lt_filter_cond[ parameter_name = 'IM_ZIPCODE' ]-value OPTIONAL ). "Fetching the parameter value "Initialize values DATA(ls_error) = VALUE com_err( ). "Build Location Data DATA(ls_locdata) = VALUE com_jur( country = lv_cntry zipcode = lv_zipcode ). CALL FUNCTION 'RFC_DETERMINE_JURISDICTION' DESTINATION 'XXXXXX' EXPORTING location_data = ls_locdata IMPORTING location_err = ls_error TABLES location_results = lt_result EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 1. DATA(lv_offset) = io_request->get_paging( )->get_offset( ). DATA(lv_page_size) = io_request->get_paging( )->get_page_size( ). io_response->set_total_number_of_records( lines( lt_result ) ). io_response->set_data( lt_result ). ENDIF. CATCH cx_rap_query_provider INTO DATA(lx_exc). ENDTRY. CATCH cx_rfc_dest_provider_error INTO DATA(lx_dest). ENDTRY. CATCH cx_rap_query_filter_no_range. ENDTRY. ENDMETHOD. ENDCLASS. 

4. Definition your service as show below.

5. Bind the service.

6. Activate the service in iwfnd/maint_service and run your URI to get your data from FM.

URI: /sap/opu/odata/sap/Z_BIND_XXXXX_RFC/zce_xxxxx_rfc(im_country=’US’,im_zipcode=’53041′)/Set

We need to use the ‘Set’ at the

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