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Employee Central Time Off – Multiple Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) solution

Written by Parthiban Sukumar
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Hello Readers,

Multiple time-off in lieu (TOIL) is a common requirement across many customers. However, until now we have posting to only one time account as standard option via Time Sheet. This has been a gap, but it can be addressed.

Before we divulge to solution, a quick explanation of TOIL concept to our new Time Management learners.

When an employee works on public holiday or non-working day or overtime, the company has the option either to compensate the hours in payroll or provide a time-off in lieu which the employee can avail.  There are multiple variations of TOIL as listed below.

  1. Provide only time-off for additional hours worked.
  2. Provide time-off that needs to be availed within a certain period (E.g., 60 days from eligible date) and post that, it is forfeited.
  3. Provide time-off that needs to be availed within a certain period (E.g., 60 days from eligible date) and post that by default it is compensated in the following payroll.
  4. Only compensation. This is done via standard payroll with time sheet replicating the data and is not relevant for this blog.

In this blog we will try to address the scenarios 1 to 3 with multiple TOIL accounts. We are going to using Adhoc Time Accounts and Payout concept to achieve this.

Please note that this solution involves many standard steps which I don’t want to detail out in this blog. I only wanted to highlight the key configurations to achieve this solution.

The following steps are performed to achieve this solution.

  1. Create Time Account Type for each TOIL account (e.g. Public Holiday account, Overtime Time account etc).
  2. Account Creation Type – Adhoc
  3. Assign a Payout Profile. This also means the necessary Pay Components are to be assigned in this profile.
  4. Create Period End Processing rule based on your scenario for paying out at the end of booking period.
  5. Assign the Time Account Type to relevant Time Types.
  6. Create your time valuation rules that captures hours into their respective Time Collector. Please note that for each TOIL account there needs to be its respective Time Collector. E.g., Public Holiday into collector object called PH_Collector with “daily” frequency. Another one could be Overtime TOIL to OT_Collector with “daily frequency”.
  7. Create Integration Centre report based on Time Collectors to create Adhoc Time Accounts. This is what the blog is about – key configuration.
  8. Execute Integration Center report only daily frequency.

Step 1 to 5

Assign to Time Type.


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