Saturday, 01 May 2021 22:13

Getting acquainted with automating ABAP unit testing – Part 10

Written by James E. McDonough
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This blog represents part 10 of this 10-part series Getting acquainted with automating ABAP unit testing.

Part 9 – Write a third unit test

To recap from the preceding blog, we added a new unit test for testing production subroutine set_alv_function_module_name and, when executed, this unit test triggers a warning. Here is the source code as we left it in the previous blog:

program. *---------------------------------------------------------------------- * Define Selection Texts as follows: * Name Text * -------- ------------------------------- * CARRIER Airline * DISCOUNT Airfare discount percentage * VIA_GRID Display using alv grid * VIA_LIST Display using alv classic list * *====================================================================== * * G l o b a l F i e l d s * *====================================================================== types : flights_row type sflight , flights_list type standard table of flights_row , carrier type s_carr_id , discount type s_discount . constants : flights_table_name type tabname value 'SFLIGHT' . data : flights_count type int4 , flights_stack type flights_list . *====================================================================== * * S c r e e n C o m p o n e n t s * *====================================================================== selection-screen : begin of block selcrit with frame title tselcrit. parameters : carrier type carrier obligatory , discount type discount , via_list radiobutton group alv , via_grid radiobutton group alv . selection-screen : end of block selcrit. *====================================================================== * * C l a s s i c P r o c e d u r a l E v e n t s * *====================================================================== initialization. tselcrit = 'Selection criteria' ##NO_TEXT. at selection-screen. if sy-ucomm ne 'ONLI'. return. endif. " Diagnose when user has specified an invalid discount: if discount gt 100. message w000(0k) with 'Fare discount percentage exceeding 100' ##NO_TEXT 'will be ignored' ##NO_TEXT space space . endif. " Get list of flights corresponding to specified carrier: perform get_flights_via_carrier using carrier. " Diagnose when no flights for this carrier: if flights_count le 00. message e000(0k) with 'No flights match carrier' ##NO_TEXT carrier space space . endif. start-of-selection. end-of-selection. perform present_report using discount via_grid. *====================================================================== * * S u b r o u t i n e s * *====================================================================== form get_flights_via_carrier using carrier type carrier. clear flights_stack. if carrier is not initial. try. select * into table flights_stack from (flights_table_name) where carrid eq carrier . catch cx_root ##NO_HANDLER ##CATCH_ALL. " Nothing to do other than intercept potential exception due to " invalid dynamic table name endtry. endif. describe table flights_stack lines flights_count.
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