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SAP HCM training

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location, person, task and work center.  These are standard objects provided by SAP.  When the client is implementing SAP for the first time, you should sit with the client and design their organization structure on paper first before you build it in the system.  You will be surprised to find out that most of the clients wouldn’t have a org. structure readily available and this would be something new to them too.

Infotypes – If you are an end user, you would be wondering what are infotypes!

Infotypes are information of a particular type stored on one screen.  This is very common in the SAP HCM module.  Each module has its own set of infotypes.  Organization Management module infotypes start from 1000 to 1999.

Transactions – There are specific transactions for each module.  Some of the transactions in the organization management module are PO13, PO10, PO03, PP01, PPOME, PPOSE.  Check our course catalog, we have interactive videos explaining each transaction with voice narration and quiz at the end of each video.

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