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Using SDI FileAdapter to write to Azure file share

Written by Sohit Tandon
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In this blog we will create an Azure file share and use it as a destination for SAP SDI FileAdapter.


  1. Azure Account
  2. SAP HANA Data Provisioning Agent server enabled
  3. SAP HANA Data Provisioning Agent installed

Let’s start by creating the Azure file share. Login to the Azure portal and create a premium storage account  as depicted in the below screenshot

Create Storage Account

Once the storage account is created, create a file share by clicking on the + sign as shown in the below screenshot


Create a File Share in the storage account

Click on the file share once it is created and then click connect . Thereafter choose Windows and copy the command


Get the command to connect to the file share

Run the command from a powershell session on the Windows machine where DP Agent is running. That would mount the file share persistently as shown in the below screenshot.


Mount the Azure file share to DP agent host machine

Now we will create a symbolic link to the azure mount under DP Agent installation directory (C:\usr\sap\dataprovagent) using the mklink command

Note that the directory azshare shoud not exist before you run the below command from a command prompt as an adminstrator

C:\Windows\system32>mklink /d "c:\usr\sap\dataprovagent\azshare" \\p****.file.core.windows.net\myshare\


Create symbolic link using mklink command

Once the softlink is created, you will see a folder as shown below


softlink folder under c:/usr/sap/dataprovagent

Now we will create a folder data inside the softlink and place a simple csv file (sample.txt) there. Here are the contents of the csv file.


Contents of sampledata.txt file

Next we need to create a cfg file for this csv using the createfileformat.bat utility located in C:\usr\sap\dataprovagent\agentutils using the sample command as below

createfileformat.bat -file c:\usr\sap\dataprovagent\azshare\data\sampledata.txt -cfg c:\usr\sap\dataprovagent\azshare\data\

This would result in a cfg file in the same directory as the txt file


sample csv and cfg file

Here is the content of the cfg file .


contents of the samples.txt.cfg

Now we are all set to start configuring the fileadapter in DP Agent. To do that, run the DP agent configuration tool as an administrator. Click connect to HANA and provide the HANA credentials to connect the DP Agent to HANA

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