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SAP CPI – Event Driven Architecture (Z Event) with S4HANA and SAP EM

Written by Ricardo Viana
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Hello Folks,

One more interesting blog to share the knowledge and experience with you, based on test cases, basically let’s follow the topics and instructions during the reading.


  1. Introduction

  2. Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

  3. Scenario and Integration Perspective

  4. Iflow – SAP CPI

  5. Import detail – Don’t be afraid, GROOVY it !!!

    1. XSLT Details

What I will not cover in the blog ?

  • The whole setup of S4HANA (Connections and abap code).
  • The configuration of SAP EM (Queue,webhook and further details).
  • The whole setup of Iflow – just important parts.


I would like to share is how the Event Driven Architecture and how this can be a game change in the new prespective of integration definitions, with new model focous in simple integrations based on microservices.

SAP Integration Suite (EM and CPI) can support your bussiness in this perspective and explore fully one scenario that I described in my book – SAP Enterprise Message. – That I wrote together with co-author Andrzej Halicki.

The focous of this blog is the continuos of my previous blog to use SAP Enterprise Message with the webhook mechanis ( API PUSH ) as you can see here – SAP EM – Webhook mechanism – SAP CPI.

Basically when the material suffer any change state of the data as Creation or Modification (Update/Delete) the event will be triggered automatically from S4HANA using a Z Event ( This is not a custom event from the ADD-ON – Event Ennabling because the VDI test that I use to develop it has only version 1809 that does not support this customization.

Event Driven Architecture (EDA):

In a very simple way to understand event driven architecture (EDA) means defines an event as a “significant change in state”.

Event-driven architecture (EDA) is a software design pattern in which decoupled applications can asynchronously publish and subscribe to events via an event broker (modern messaging-oriented-middleware).

SAP provides the event enablement Add-On in ECC and S4HANA (Cloud and On-Premise) to support you with that.

In case that you want explore and understand more about this architecture definition, I recommend you to buy Event-Driven Architecture with SAP

Scenario and Integration Perspective

As you already understand the potencial of SAP Integration Suite (EM and CPI ) let’s recapt simple about both services.

SAP EM is cloud event broker to handle exchange of events and messages.

SAP CPI as an

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