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Eclipse ADT ABAP Profiling(performance analysis)

Written by Ram Bandla
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Performance analysis has always been a challenge. Analysing the Performance trace result is even a bigger challenge.

ABAP Profiler is the recommended tool going forward. Check the screenshot from the SAP itself.

ABAP Profiler is a powerful tool for analysing the runtime performance or to understand the flow of the code. But it can get really confusing with the different options to initiate the profiling, different tabs and columns to analyse the results.

  1. Which option to choose?
  2. What are the different tabs on the output?
  3. What are all those columns and what do they mean?

Yes, all these details are available in our fav Here is a simplified version of the same.

ABAP Profiler views

ADT has provided two views for working with ABAP Profiler.

  1. ABAP Trace Requests to initiate the trace or view initiated trace requests.
  2. ABAP Traces to view the trace results.

Initiate Profiling

Trace request can be initiated in one of the below three ways

  1. ABAP Trace Requests view

    1. Open the ‘ABAP Trace Requests’ view.
      1. Open%20ABAP%20Trace%20Requests%20view
      2. ABAP%20Trace%20Request%20view
    2. From the context menu of the project choose ‘Create Trace Request’
      1. Create%20Trace%20Request%20context%20view
    3. Select the Type of Request, Object Type, Object Name, User(to restrict to a single user), ‘Title of the trace file’.
      1. Trace%20Request%20Popup
    4. On the next screen select the ‘Trace Parameters’ as required and click ‘Finish’.
      1. Trace%20Request%20Parameters
    5. The newly created ‘Trace Request’ is visible on ‘ABAP Trace Requests’ view along with the number of executions as well.
  2. ABAP Program

    1. From the ABAP Program choose ‘Profile -> Profile As -> ABAP Application’ or Ctrl+F9. As you can see below profiling ‘ABAP Unit Test’ is also possible.
      1. From%20the%20ABAP%20Program
  3. ABAP Debugger

    1. From ‘ABAP Trace Requests’ view create a request as before but select ‘Explicitly switch off and on’
      1. From%20Debugger
    2. Now you can switch on and off the Profiler while debugging from the ruler context menu.
      1. FromDebuggerOn
      2. FromDebuggerOff

Trace Configurations

Once initiated the Profile configuration for the ABAP object is saved in ‘Profile->Profile Configurations’. These configurations can be edited as well. This helps in running the ABAP object with the same configuration next time via ‘Profile -> Profile As -> ABAP Application’ or Ctrl+F9.

SAT Transaction

All trace requests initiated from the ADT can be viewed in good old SAT transaction. But ABAP Profiling provides a more detailed view of the results when compared to SAT.


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