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What is SAP Fiori elements – new video

Written by Peter Spielvogel
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As the main technology used for creating apps for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori elements, along with its foundation SAPUI5, we have been receiving lots of interest from the development community. In response, we have created a short video to explain what SAP Fiori elements is.

SAP Fiori elements helps developers in several ways.

  1. SAP Fiori elements greatly simplifies and accelerates app development. You focus on the business logic; we take care of the UI.
  2. SAP Fiori elements enforces UX consistency. Every app you build using this framework will look and behave the same, regardless of whether your users are purchasing materials, looking up a catalog entry, creating a sales order, or requesting time off.
  3. We include navigation and enterprise features such as accessibility, mobile compatibility, internationalization, and security, all of which would be very expensive to develop on your own.

How SAP Fiori elements works:

SAP Fiori elements generates the application you see at runtime by combining

  1. OData services. The data from the backend is exposed as an OData service, which is an industry-standard way of querying and updating data. SAP provides many OData services with SAP S/4HANA or you can write your own.
  2. OData annotations. Developers use annotations, which are a form of metadata, to specify what you see on the screen and in what format.
  3. SAP Fiori element floorplan. SAP Fiori elements takes the OData service and associated OData annotations and displays it in one of the standard floorplans.


SAP Fiori elements generates apps from OData services, OData annotations, and a standard floorplan. You can extend standard apps with your own custom code, if you choose.

Key facts about SAP Fiori elements:

  • SAP Fiori elements is a UI development framework built on top of SAPUI5.
  • SAP Fiori elements is included with the SAPUI5 license, so there is no additional charge to use it.
  • If the standard floorplans are not exactly what you need, we provide flexibility to extend your apps.
  • Apps are responsive, which means you write one app that adjusts automatically to the screen size and runs on desktops, tablets, and phones.
  • The apps are generated at runtime (see above).

Learn more about SAP Fiori elements:

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SAP Community topic page for SAP Fiori tools

openSAP course on “Developing and Extending SAP Fiori Elements Apps”

SAP Fiori elements FAQ

For the SAP Fiori elements product team, Peter Spielvogel.

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