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Detailed Debugging Techniques for Functional consultants

Written by Himanshu sachdeva
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Debugging’ is a term, which is directly associated with programming. It is a general term used by all Software Professionals, irrespective of the language and platform. ‘Debugging’, as the name suggests, is used to debug the program. IN other words it is slow motion, step by step execution of the program, so that one can closely find, how the program/ software is working.

‘Debugging is typically used to fix the Bugs in the program but in SAP debugging is invariably used for understanding the flow of program itself.

Debugging’ has been a vital discussion and development point across the software industry for Years. Still, there are some languages, where fixing a bug is a nightmare.

In SAP, debugging had been a quite easy task. In SAP there are various ways to debug the program, additionally one can know the values of the variable withing the execution, which is a big help to the programming professionals.

The purpose of this blog is to give overview of the various debugging techniques available in SAP. The primary focus of the document is the SAP functional consultants and ABAP learners. This document might not be fully useful for an expert ABAP consultant but can give bit of insight.

Traditional Debugging:

Debugger in SAP can be started by typing ‘/h’ in the command fields before executing the program. Normally all the Report programs has selection screen. Most of the program code gets executed after the selection screen is displayed, so the debugging can safely be started after the selection screen is displayed. If it is required to debug the portion of the code, which gets executed even before selection screen, then it is not recommended to start the debugging by this method. This method is not suitable for the Reports without selection screen. To debug SAP module pools also, this method should be used, if it is required debugging the program after first screen is displayed.

After entering ‘/h’, press enter and below message will be displayed.

Execute and debugging will start. Once the debugging starts following window is displayed.

Before going into details, it is necessary to discuss the term ‘BREAK-POINT’. Break point is a technique to stop the execution at particular line in the code and starting the debugging.

There are four different ways in which you can

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