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Attaching COVID Vaccine Card to Health and Vaccine Portlet

Written by Rinky Karthik
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We are in the third quarter of 2021, almost two years after the first onset of COVID, but the pandemic continues to affect lives globally! Across the world, fears about the delta variant are leading more businesses, schools, and travel destinations to require vaccination. Regulations and requirements around the COVID Vaccine are constantly shifting everywhere in the world, and employers are figuring out how to stay on top of the situation. Employers, businesses, and governments ask you to prove your vaccination status, a profoundly personal and political subject in some countries and states.

SAP had provided a simple custom MDF Object-based solution in 1H2021 Release: Health and Vaccine Portlet for our existing SuccessFactors customers to track and Health and Vaccine data as part of Return to Work/Office.

This blog will share use cases, and configuration steps to add the Vaccine Verification field my colleague Jaya Krishna Palakusi and I have prototyped in our demo instance.

First, an important disclaimer: SAP is not providing any COVID Vaccine-related legal advice for our customers. We are simply showing how you can utilize SAP SuccessFactors to manage and track Vaccine validation-related requirements if it’s permissible by local/federal authorities to do so in the location of your business !

Employee Vaccine Validation

One of the critical changes we have seen in the last six months is that many Governments have mandated Vaccines for Federal/State employees and have empowered Employers to track and validate employees’ vaccine status. We have seen two common scenarios for vaccine validation :

  • By Providing a Vaccine document

         – Employers may ask employees to submit proof of vaccination; preferably, a copy of the card/document received post-vaccination. E.g., in the US CDC provides a small white vaccine card.

  • Via Mobile Apps with QR Code

– Many apps developed by various vendors are available to track vaccination status and aid during travel. E.g.in the Europe, EU Digital COVID Certificate.

– The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation was entered into application on 01 July 2021. EU citizens and residents will now have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.

Taking these recent global changes into account, in this blog, we are providing steps to create an attachment field for employees to attach vaccine cards or documents, verification fields, and related workflows/notifications in the existing Health & Vaccine Portlet.

Note:The Attachment field was not provided with the portlet when it was released first during 1H2021

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