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Managing legal and union specific dismissal protection with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Written by Takashi Taniguchi
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This blog post gives an overview of the recently published Implementation Design Principles for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions document, Employee Central Country Specific – Managing Legal and Union specific Dismissal Protection. Implementation Design Principles (aka IDP) are documents owned and managed by SAP SuccessFactors Product Management and written in close collaboration with leading SuccessFactors Implementation Partners and SAP Professional Services organization and provide guidance on how to correctly implement the product in line with today’s capabilities and tomorrow’s roadmap based on proven best practices.

IDPs provide product and implementation specific guidance to complex customer scenarios and are published on Customer Community and Partner Edge.

This IDP was authored based on experiences from large multi country SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central implementations. Although the scenarios presented here were mostly found at Brazilian customers, the solution proposed here is also applicable to other countries with similar business requirements, such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Countries in Europe, e.g., Spain, Portugal and Denmark also have regulations to protect employees against unfair dismissal.

Functional Requirements:

Dismissal protection is a legal requirement for some countries where, under some conditions, employees cannot be terminated by the company during a established period of time.

Both the conditions and the stability period are variable according to the country legislation and/or union agreements.

For example, in Brazil, employees have 30 days of dismissal protection after returning from a maternity leave, which is stated in the labor law. Nevertheless, depending on the union agreement at the location the employee works in, this protection period may vary. It is common to find scenarios where the union agreement superimposes the regular labor law.

Employee Central offers a standard feature called “Protection Against Unfair Dismissal” (referred here simply as Dismissal Protection), which can be used to prevent the termination of an employee based on Legal Entity and Event Reasons.

Another feature available in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is “Time Off”, which provides the capability to manage short and long term absences, such as vacation, maternity and sick leaves, among others.

On the other hand, as explained previously, certain dismissal protections are dependent on the employee’s absence records, like maternity leave.

However, currently, the two features are not integrated and the dismissal protection record should be maintained manually.

This IDP proposes an automated solution for the maintenance of dismissal protection record based on eligible absence types, helping companies to

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