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A perfect couple: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud & SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for MS Office

Written by Klaus-Peter Sauer
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With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you already use a highly flexible state-of-the-art data warehousing solution. When it comes to reporting, you can use SAP Analytics Cloud with its powerful stories or application design.

However, power users still love the flexibility and the freedom Microsoft Excel provides. We have good news: there is a solution for you. You can now use the SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office on top of your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud data. The add-in has been released in July 2020 and has focused mainly on planning scenarios, i.e. models with data replication and planning background.

We are now happy to announce that SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the first live connection for the new add-in.

What’s so great about SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office?

The add-in is a client with no installation. You can get it via Microsoft Store and it requires – like all cloud products – little to no attention from IT. Once deployed, all updates to the manifest (i.e., the buttons in the ribbon tab) and updated functionality are automatically delivered under the hood. Fixes and new features will be available at least once a month.
The add-in runs on Excel desktop apps (MacOS and Windows) as well as in Excel Online.

Find more information here.


Next to the add-in itself, you need an SAP Analytics Cloud, an SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant with a working live connection between both and a valid user in both these tenants.

How do you setup the connection between the add-in and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

As the add-in is part of SAP Analytics Cloud it uses an existing live connection to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Hence, when you log on with the add-in (figure 1) your asked to log on to your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant.

In case the live connection is not yet established please follow the instructions in the documentation.


Figure 1: Log on to SAP Analytics Cloud

Enter the URL and hit “Go!”. In the next step logon using your credentials.

After a successful logon you will see the welcome screen in the SAP Analytics Cloud pane (figure 2).


Figure 2: Successful logon

How to use it with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Sample Content?

We also just released SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Sample Content. Therefore, let us

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