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Sneak Peek into SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q4 2021

Written by Orla Cullen
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We are already at the last quarter for 2021 and we some amazing content coming in SAP Analytics Cloud for QRC4 2021. A full list of what is coming can be found on our Roadmap Explorer but in this blog I will give you a sneak peek of some of the highlights.

Performance Best Practice Tips for Story Designers

Story designers will now see performance tips to help ensure optimal story design. The following performance tips include, notifying the designer:

  • When too many pages have been added to the story
  • When too many widgets have been added to the page
  • To collapse page filter input controls
  • To enable Optimised view mode

Analytics Catalog in the Mobile iOS App

An exciting new addition to our Mobile offering is the addition of Analytics Catalog to the SAP Analytics Cloud iOS Mobile App.​

Content discovery is now possible using the Catalog Tab now available on both iPad and iPhone.

With Analytics Catalog on the Mobile iOS app users now have the ability to:​

  • View list of published catalogs​
  • Associated files of catalog and open content types​
  • Search through published catalogs​
  • Sort by Recently added/ most viewed or alphabetical​
  • and also make the catalog your default tab from on your mobile app

Microsoft Office Add-in for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

This quarter we bring you a new live connection for the SAP Analytics Cloud Microsoft Add-In.​

​This new connection allows you to connect to live SAP Data Warehouse Cloud datasets using Microsoft Excel on both desktop or online versions.​ Giving you the power of both Excel and SAP Analytics Cloud in one place.

New Planning Area Experience for Data Entry

The new Planning Area can significantly reduce the amount of data on which a user is operating when they are in edit mode (either editing a public version or a private version). This has 3 key benefits:

  1. Reduces overall resource consumption on the tenant (this is really important, but not for the purposes of your video so I probably wouldn’t even mention it)
  2. Can reduced the time it takes to create a private version or edit a public version (because less data has to be created/copied)
  3. Provides improved visual cues for editable data, while blocking data entry to non-editable cells


Data Analyzer Access from the Side Navigation Bar

Continuing with our focus in

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