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Integration for New Hires and Rehires from third party non-SAP Recruitment System to SuccessFactors (SF) Employee Central (EC)

Written by Manu Bhutani
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As of today, there are many companies offering a cloud-based global Talent Acquisition Suite that allows teams to attract, select, and hire the best talent. It also makes it easy for companies to contract and manage all their recruiters and Hiring agencies from one platform giving them transparency as well as adequate control. This blog is basically to explain how the Integration between third party recruitment system and SuccessFactors (SF) Empoyee Central works.

As SuccessFactors gives a flexibility to implement any HCM module with no order, some of our customers first implement either Talent modules or Employee Central depending upon their business requirements and future roadmap. For those who opt to go with third party Recruitment providers with EC as system of record there is a need to build an Integration between Recruitment system and SF EC. The high level steps are shown in below diagram. SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is just an example in this case for a cloud middleware (I will not deep dive into Recruitment process in this blog)

As shown in above diagram very first step is to sync the positions from the HRIS system (in this case SF EC) into the Recruitment system so that Requisition can be created against the EC positions. Depending upon the recruitment system capabilities this can be done in various ways.

  1. SAP CPI extracts all the approved positions (this varies upon client specific requirement whether ‘To be hired’ flag can be used to filter positions or any other field from position MDF) and creates a file on a SFTP server. Recruitment system picks the file and syncs the position data.
  2. If Recruitment system supports API then SAP CPI can directly sync the positions from SF EC. This will require more work for Integration developer to understand the Recruitment system APIs and perform mapping of various fields from EC position MDF to Position object in receiver system.

Once the candidate is selected and all Employee details have been captured in the Recruitment  system then employee needs to be Hired in SF EC via Integration. There are various options to build such custom Integration. (SAP has given some out of box Integrations with third party Recruitment  providers such as Kenexa which can be referred in SAP CPI.)

1.Sender (Recruitment) system triggers the Integration by calling the middleware and sending the candidate data: Sender can send data for one candidate at a time or

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