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Wednesday, 13 October 2021 19:00

Must Know New Features for EC in 2H 2021

Written by Andrew Kuhn
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With every release, there are important features and changes to the user experience that both Employee Central administrators and employees will need to be aware of. For the 2H 2021 release, we have consolidated a list of features that are “Must Know” items for Employee Central Core, Time Off, and Global Benefits. All of the features listed below will also include links to related information that will provide additional details regarding that specific feature.

Please also review other release related information at SAP SuccessFactors Release Information as well as specific features coming in the 2H 2021 Release in the What’s New Viewer.

Centralized Services: Data Import and Export

Feature NameReference NumberConfiguration Type
Updates to Centralized ServicesECT-173254Universal

Centralized services now universally support Address Imports, Work Permit Imports, and Social Accounts Information Imports. These services are applicable to data imports initiated from the Import Employee Data page or APIs.

Centralized services are applicable for Address Imports, Work Permit Imports, and Social Accounts Information Imports, and are no longer governed by a configuration switch.

This enhancement brings several improvements to these entities by default. You can now configure business rules, suppress identical records, raise error messages, and so on as applicable to each entity.

Please Note: Please review the blog highlighted below for additional information about all changes coming in this release related to Centralized Services.

 Related Information:

Centralized Services: Work Permit

Feature NameReference NumberConfiguration Type
Centralized Services Support Work Permit UI SaveECT-161690Admin Opt-out

Centralized services are enabled to support users editing and saving work permit data in People Profile.

The new option in Admin Center  Company System and Logo SettingsEnable Centralized services for Work Permit to save changes on Editing UI, is selected by default to allow users to take advantage of Centralized services. A validation ensures the UI fields used to generate business keys, which are Country, Document Type, and Document Number, all have values and business keys generated are unique. When this option isn’t selected, you can use another option, Enable Validations on the Work Permit Editing UI (Applicable only when the option “Enable Centralized services for

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