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Tips when implement notes 1945137

Written by Jigang Zhang 张吉刚
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To introduce amount-based TAN level Exemption for India, SAP notes 1945137 is mandatory which contains 6 documents that need manual work before applying the code corrections. Here are some tips:

The sequence of Notes implementation

  1. All the manual creation include table and function module&BADI is the first step for sure. It will be required to provide almost 10 access keys for related objects at those 6 documents. (The file of ‘OSS_1945137 – Code Changes’ is not a manual step, it lists the final code after step 2.)
  2. Ask Basis to help to implement this note by SNOTE, the system will create BADI implementation&Code of the Function module automatically.
  3. Maintain tables like fiwtin_tan_exem and implement BAID ‘FIWTIN_SECTIONCODE’ of Enhancement Spot ‘FIWTIN_UPDATE_SECCO’ if required.


Page 9 of document ’01_Manualsteps_for_Table and View creation’, as field WITHT_INV and WITHT_PAY share the same check table T059P, it could always show the value against WITHT_INV instead of WITHT_PAY for F4 input help of field WITHCD_PAY. If it happens, remember to check this foreign key setting.

Break-point to start investigate

If TAN Based Exemption for India Withholding tax calculation is not working after notes implementation and accordingly manual maintenance, IF_FWTC_ACC_SECTIONCODE~GET_ACC_SECCODE is a good place to check.

Here GV_ref is REF TO FIWTIN_SECTIONCODE which is mentioned on the last page of file ’06_USER_EXIT_FOR_SECCO’.

Besides, there’re two blogs that provide a good reference.

  1. TAN Based Exemption for India Withholding tax calculation
  2. TAN Exemption process in vendor master

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